residing in love…

November 8, 2007

I sit in an old chair in her pale green kitchen, there are vintage aprons on the hooks and tiny red birds painted on the wall. I instantly feel at peace at Nancy and Jim’s, they just have a way. I recount the events of the week with such ease, wondering how I ever got to this place of peace.

The heat wasn’t working, I had monster babysitting issues for work, everyone got sick with the stomach bug right before and after Halloween, and then the kicker- it seems someone had tried to break into our house. All of this while Jorge was in Germany on a business trip.

The wrinkled brows and sympathetic looks are permanent on their faces. I try to explain how I can be okay during a fragile time. Kind policemen and dear friends call. Some even came….Kelly arrived on my door step with bags of groceries, flowers and a good book. Inside I found all the things a person feels like eating after enduring stomach turmoil. It was thoughtfulness and kindness in it’s purest form.

It was this expression of kindness that can make even the hardest situations seem do-able. I strangely felt strong, if you know me at all, you know I can spend a ridiculous amount of time worrying about things that are completely out of my control. This was not me, I was residing in love. There was no time or need to worry, even be sad when love is pouring from every place imaginable. It goes into your heart and pushes out anything that does not serve your soul. It makes you wish that love will find all the people facing much harder weeks and struggles that you do not even know…

3 Responses to “residing in love…”

  1. kelly Says:

    oh pache, you sweet soul. if all our days were filled with this peace, how beautiful. you are so loved–so glad you could bask in it.

  2. Synge Says:

    the peace enabling kindness you receive is a reflection of the exact same energy you send out every single day. you give out that love all the time, which does find people in their difficult moments. i’m glad you got to experience being enfolded in love, which you most definitely are!

  3. jen lemen Says:

    love this so much. the love you give everywhere you go creates a wide kind world where love resides and you are always, any where, completely at home. namaste, pache!

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