guerrilla goodness…

February 14, 2008

guerrilla kindness project- part duex

Whenever I think about Guerrilla Kindness, I immediately see a guy dressed in a cheesy gorilla suit handing out hearts, big red ones. I know, so silly- guerrilla/gorilla. I’ve thought about this so much that I’ve actually considered having the gorilla be the mascot for random kindness. I see little pencil line drawings of him hanging with one arm tightly around the Empire State Building while the other arm is full of hearts. Lord only knows what happens to the little blond Marilyn looking woman in all this.

Seriously though, today is the day. The day when I start my wonderful work of unveiling carefully hatched plans of spreading anonymous kindness in the world….except that, today is not the day. Partly because the little idea in my head just got bigger. Not Kong sized exactly, but big enough that I need more money and more time (both of which I am struggling to find at the moment). And to be perfectly honest, my heart and head are just not in the right frame of mind yet. What I’m learning is there is no need to rush. I just have to be. I believe it’s coming, everyday that I struggle it becomes a little clearer.

Thankfully, there are others who are much more together than I and are doing some lovely work in the world. If you are jonesin’ for a kindness high you will LOVE these people:

Hope RevolutionKrystyn had a really hopeful idea to spread kindness in unexpected places after a particularly sad day .

The idea caught on and a hope/kindness revolution was born. Check out the flickr pool.

Claudia at Everyday Kindness is doing big work in the blogosphere, it all started with her own personal commitment to do an act of kindness everyday. She started inviting friends to join her and this kindness maven discovered that a whole slew wanted to follow her.

Then the big dog- Emma over at ActsofKindness will pretty much make you swoon…her art…well, just check it out…

Happy Randoms Acts of Kindness Week!

I hope love finds you this Valentine’s Day…

whatever kind or brand you need

may it be bold and hit you over the head if required

may it be direct and practical if that is your native tongue

may it be flowery and ridiculous

may it be true and deep felt

may it be kind…

5 Responses to “guerrilla goodness…”

  1. Anne Says:

    a hand on the shoulder, a smile . . . good things come to those who wait. Happy Valentines Day The sun IS shining!

  2. YFJAH Says:

    i think the idea of a gorilla being the mascot for guerilla goodness is brilliant! the universe is aching for this kind of playfulness, generosity and spirit to be released in the world, so i have no doubt your hands (and heart) will be overflowing the second you ask for exactly what you need.

  3. Let us know if we can help. Often, what is too big for one person, is easy for many. Shoot me an email ( and I can easily send it out to our group!

    Cheers! And a Very Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

  4. kate Says:

    i am so proud to call you my friend! i have such profound respect for your fortitude and discipline – both qualities are essential to breed the true and lasting change in this world that you seek. you could have fallen into the lure of instant gratification, but you were strong. That is some guerilla goodness!

  5. Lillithmama Says:

    i wanted to tell you that i haven’t outrightly done any extraordinary acts of kindness other then the everyday one i normally do…but my current blog-birth has been deemed as an act of kindness, so maybe it is…

    it’s a different type of kindness…one that pulls my memories of that endless blackness out with such force and pain that i need time to breathe and live in my healthier present so that i realize i’m only reliving that period of my life while other are still in the thick of theirs. and that my temporary discomfort is worth it, so freaking worth it.

    i didn’t begin it with thoughts of kindness and selflessness…i began it with hopes of adding my story and found-hope to the rest of the PPD choir…but it seems that i’ve been given both descriptions…maybe i just don’t recognize kindness when i give it, only when i receive it.

    i’m going to follow these links, see how else i can be inspired towards kindness, thank you.


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