heely’s: 1 josiah:0 love:1,000

February 14, 2008

Heely’s bought us a ticket to the local patient first for our first broken arm.

Josiah didn’t actually lose in the whole deal. It was a very minor fracture, but he still got a cast/splint and sling for showing off.  Not to mention a cool sports related injury story.


Love won by a long shot- Last night before bed I said to the kids, “Quick, raise your hand if you miss papa.”

Me- one hand raised (as fast as i could)

Josiah -one hand up

Lucy- one hand up

Jack- both hands up waving wildly

I was so jealous I didn’t think of it because it’s exactly how I feel.

3 Responses to “heely’s: 1 josiah:0 love:1,000”

  1. Amy Says:

    this is the kind of Valentine’s Day we will remember. I hope he is quickly healed as kids so often are. at least he was doing something cool!

  2. kelly Says:

    um hello? i have to find out about josiah’s arm on your BLOG??! you poor dear! i should have known something was wrong when we didn’t talk 14.5 times yesterday! i am SO going to call you as soon as i can a. find my phone and b. charge it. i promise. love you!

  3. Sarah Says:

    Oh, man, i was always suspicious of those shoes! I feel like an old lady shaking my fist feebly as kids race by me in Target with their little roller skate shoes. And yet they look so fun, and I know if they had them when I was a kid, I totally would have wanted a pair. Hope J is feeling better soon and that you are all soon reunited with your dear Papa.

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