guerrilla goodness 2

February 19, 2008


Kindness invaded Carytown and other stops around Richmond yesterday. Courtesy and in honor of a dear friend who passed away 2 years ago. I sometimes believe this girl might have packed a whole lifetime of living in 25 short years, and then I start to imagine what her next 60 could have been. She gave me the honor of walking the journey to her death, which was really when we became friends. So every birthday, and the day of her passing I do something I think she would have totally dug, things I wish we could have done together…

So this anniversary it was Starbucks love, my girl LOVED some starbucks. Even worked there for a stint.

I knew we had to spread some coffee/tea love…We (my whole crew) decided to jump in the car and leave gift cards all over the city. We left them on bus benches, the mirror at World of Mirth (josiah’s idea), public bathrooms, one of her favorite books at the bookstore, parks, telephone polls…etc. It was totally exhilarating as guerrillaness always is, we drove around like crazy seeing if we could catch someone looking or taking.

If you are feeling the kindness and coffee love this morning, pick up a card (we did $5 cards) and leave it in a public place with a note of who or what you are honoring today…maybe the finder will do the same.

this act was only possible because of some love to me from the Mother Superior (anne) and the other sisters but that is an entirely different post coming soon…

16 Responses to “guerrilla goodness 2”

  1. krystyn Says:

    This literally made my eyes swell up with tears, before I read the part about the Starbucks cards.

    Ok great, now one is rolling down my cheek.

    You know, an unintended result of this may be that wheneever someone who found one of your cards sees a Starbucks, they’ll be reminded of your kindness.

    And there’s a lot of Starbucks in the world. 😉

  2. Amy Says:

    such a beautiful way to remember a friend. and involving the kids — well you’re changing the future.

  3. kbreints Says:

    I love this! You have inspored me. I think that I will be doing somthing like this soon. thank you for the warm fuzzy today.

  4. Amy Says:

    You would be so proud! Your revolution seems to be spreading…someone at my school has started a “Random Acts of Kindness” recognition program. Anytime someone catches a random act of kindness then a little form is filled out and stuck on a large poster for everyone in the school to see. Very neat, huh???

  5. Lara Says:

    I love this!

  6. Couch Says:

    I loved Happyanne very much as well and that is exactly what she would have wanted. It makes me very happy to know that people are honoring her.

  7. Ragamama Says:

    How I wish I could have known Happyanne. How wonderful she must have been, to continue to inspire such goodness in the people she loved. I am tearing up thinking of her selfless mother. Of course she was a fantastic person with a mother like Therese. Good work Patience. You remind me of the real reason we are on this spinning planet every time you do something kind.

  8. Therese Says:

    My dear sweet Patience …. I will always remember the morning that Happyanne called me after an evening spent with you (1 short month before her passing) and her words were, “I have a new BEST friend!” It was said with such joy and truth. I saw you soon after that call and your first words to me were, “I love your daughter!” My heart was filled with peace that Happyanne had found a ‘sister’ after having had to let go of most the people from her past ~at that point she could only have authentic in her life and you were obviously that
    You were and continue to be a gift in my daughter’s life, my family’s life. We are so moved by your acts of honoring Happyane’s life on this planet and helping to keep her alive in people’s minds and hearts. I believe Happyanne is actively participating with you and knowing how she felt about your children, she loves that they are participating as well
    with much gratitude and love ~ peace Therese

  9. Michelle Says:

    I believe in fate and today is the birthday of my “Angel Baby James” and it made me smile to know you were remembering your friend…I do RAKs the month of February in his memory and since February has one day left I’ll do your starbucks idea tomorrow in his memory and your friend’s memory….big hug!

  10. Chris Says:

    Hello! I just love your blog and your wonderful acts of kindness. Do you mind if I borrow this idea? My deceased brother’s birthday is 4/22 and I would love to do this in his honor. Thanks for such great ideas!

  11. good idea, but what iffffffff

    what ifffff some innocent goes in and has their FIRST cuppa joe and becomes a caffeine addict ( like me) and spends way too much of the rest of their life scraping together enough clams to get their next buzz?
    could be a sad, unintended consequence.

    Chris would slap me for this

  12. Jo Says:

    I am unabashedly going to borrow your idea to celebrate my brother’s birthday. My brother who loved coffee so much, especially in the company of loved ones and who passed away far too young in January of this year.



  13. Brittany Says:

    Hi Patience,
    I found your incredibly lovely life writing through a women’s blog group on creativity where your sister, Jen, was a featured artist. Lo and behold, here are all of you sisters, which is awesome – I have 2 other sisters also. Your guerrilla goodness is something I have been searching for, with my unfocused desire to spread joy like this! Thank you for sharing and inspiring and being an INCREDIBLY phenomenal mom to those lucky kids of yours!!

  14. Erika Says:

    I love this guerilla goodness stuff! I would love to get my two sisters doing this with me too.

    Thanks again,


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