overheard…(and a tiny peek to be sure)

March 11, 2008

Jack standing in front of the mirror this afternoon:


“Is it you?”

“It is you!”

(in a whisper)”You are so handsome…”

“Thanks, you are too. ”

I was dying, SO wishing I could have seen his face…He is his father’s son.

5 Responses to “overheard…(and a tiny peek to be sure)”

  1. kelly Says:

    oh my god. i must try this VERY thing RIGHT THIS MINUTE!!! it would be sooo good if everybody did this EVERY DAY. my conversation will go like this:
    “well hellllloooo there…”
    (in a whisper) “…hi…”
    “you. are. so. beautiful.”
    “even my thighs?”
    “ESPECIALLY your thighs!”
    “even my big, fat…butt…gut…”
    “my favorite!”
    “aw, gee. thanks. you’re not so bad yourself…”

  2. kindnessgirl Says:

    I know right?

    This definitely gets filed under the “wisdom of small children” file.

  3. Sarah Says:

    For sure! How wonderful!

  4. Jenna Says:

    what a cutie!! Your boys…they’re going to be heart-breakers (what am I saying? they already are!)and that little Lucy…good luck with that one too. Can’t wait to see what other blessed offering is growing our way. it’s going to be just what the world needs too. Another special Salgado!

    Love you all!

  5. Abbie Says:

    oh my god! too, too funny! this made me laugh out loud…REAL loud. Oh that Jacky-boy.

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