living in the park…

May 3, 2008

I love in the spring and fall when you open all the windows and it feels like the outside is inside. The air flows almost as if there are no walls and your bed is in the middle of a field somewhere. Practically living in the park helps the whole experience. The house is just okay, no real charm, no rich soul in it. I guess it has left it all to the nature that surrounds us. The greedy person in me wishes for both.

As we are preparing to move to a new place in our city (yet again), I am soaking all the loveliness in while wondering what the next space holds. We crave change in our family, we get restless looking for the next place to explore. We are all like this, no one blinks an eye at the idea of packing up and moving on. This disturbs me just a tiny bit wondering if my children have any roots at all.

“Home is wherever we all are, it’s in us, not the place.” Jorge says. This makes perfect sense, for now anyway. The roots are deeper than I realized and growing all the time, leaving the ones of my origin, digging deeper into the soil of this family, unmovable yet willing to travel anywhere together…

2 Responses to “living in the park…”

  1. Sarah Says:

    this is a lovely post, have you picked a place yet?

  2. instatick Says:

    Beautiful post.

    I moved around a lot as a kid and, in my adulthood, have sometimes wished I had stayed in one place but that always fade when I realize how much fun I have moving to new places, redecorating new spaces and, most importantly, exploring!

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