full disclosure…

May 21, 2008

In an effort to keep this blog from becoming too Mary Poppins (another Julie A. favorite), I offer to you some recent family developments:

1. I was convinced Mother’s Day should be canceled a couple weeks ago. I had a huge revelation about Josiah and how I have been hurting his feelings due to personality differences…Luckily time is his love language and has given me a chance to look for different ways to understand and connect.

2. Jack has about 5 school bags, it’s because he is incapable of remembering or finding ANYTHING. He also completely unaware of dressing himself.  There hasn’t been one day this week that I haven’t had to ask him to turn his shirt inside out, or remind him that the zipper belongs in the FRONT of him on his shorts. He’s 5.

3. Lucy has reached a new level of drama. I heard her tell Jorge the other night in her highest voice, “Mama just doesn’t understand Papa, she doesn’t understand. I need my Josiah, I need my Jackie-boy.” Ummm…if this is what 2 is bringing, what does 13 look like?

4. I had my first official cry in the move-while-you- are-pregnant-to-a-smaller-house-with-no-storage phase that is my life currently. *sigh* this too shall pass…

3 Responses to “full disclosure…”

  1. Anne S. Says:

    1. High Expectations, low serenity. you are not the first mom who thinks mothers day should be extinguished. Mother’s whose children are 18 + also think this over and over (thank goodness for teachers who encourage the younger ones),
    2. yes, he’s 5, Five. If you can’t find one bag you can’t find two bags. It’s just the way it is, can’t change it, why bother to try. Only boys in high school care what their clothes look like anyway.
    3. Girls, cycling from the beginning of time, can’t change that either.
    4. Moving to a smaller place, less storage, what was I thinking? Oh the possibilities of Less Stuff, Wonderful Neighbors, 🙂 🙂

    All will be well my friend, we love you, just hang in there one minute at a time.

  2. Ragamama Says:

    Relax into the flow of life unfolding just as it is today. You are enough, you have enough, you do enough. You are so kind.

  3. Amy Says:

    perfect or not…May Poppins or not…you’re still one of my favorite people. hang in there, my heart is with you, know that if I could I’d make it all better.

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