3 wishes and hair blessings…

May 26, 2008

After the third day of moving, being tired of at yelling at kids who are just being kids, it was time to turn this truck o’ grouchiness around. We played a familiar game, 3 wishes, where everyone gets to say 3 wishes for themselves or for someone else. Given our state, I decided everyone should get to say what he/she was hoping for tonight during our bath.


1. I wish I wasn’t so tired and grouchy. I’m tired of yelling.

2. I wish we could go strawberry picking tomorrow and have a lovely dinner together.

3. I wish I would care about each person during this craziness and not be so uptight.


1. I wish our baby was here.

2. I wish we were big brothers already.

3. I wish we were done moving.


1. I wish we didn’t have to go to anymore stores and wait a lot.

2. I wish we were all moved in.

3. I wish the Lego Indiana Jones game was here.


1. I wish I were a puppy dog.

2. I wish I was a kitty.

3. I wish I was a bubble.

I love wishes, they seem to open tiny doors and let everything out in the wide open even if they don’t always come true. We sat in the moment until it was time to wash hair. For some reason, maybe it was a hope to help Jackie who HATES to get his hair washed, but Lucy started feverishly rubbing his head with me.

“Look Jack, it’s like a hair blessing.” I said. Josiah put his hands in the magic mix. Six hands, lots o’ love, and Jack didn’t even mind the soap….
“We love you Jackie, these are blessings on your head.” I said.

“All you need is love Jackie!.” Josiah threw in.

Lucy just kept making the bubbles bigger and bigger.

Each kid got a turn and a tired day ended with wishes and blessings. “Can we do this every night?” Josiah asked. I don’t know, but I do know that I wish I did this more often. Let the yucky feelings hang in the air, giving them their place and then pouring love and hope on top. Who can’t use a wish, a kind touch and a blessing?
hair blessings on you this night…3 wishes anyone?

One Response to “3 wishes and hair blessings…”

  1. Amy Says:

    1. I wish I were Wonder Woman.
    2. I wish I could be a better event planner.
    3. I wish I could love like I’ve never been hurt.

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