the haze of kindness…

June 9, 2008

It’s hot and very hazy in my new little neighborhood, the kindness is as thick as the air. I woke from a much needed rest this afternoon to Jorge standing at our bedroom door. “You aren’t going to believe this, 3 guys in a white truck just dropped a shed in our back yard. I think Therese and Paul did this.” he said. This shed being the answer to the rest of our storage woes. I never thought one could feel so much love from a shed.

“What? Was there a note? Who dropped it off? What?”, I replied.

“I don’t know, this was too much Patience.” He shakes his head, I can see how touched he is. He brings in a card with a Celtic home blessing, the words couldn’t be more perfect.

I want to cry, the lump is growing. It was guerilla-style…anonymous, a surprise…whoever did this knows me well. I pace around, not sure what to do, walking in a haze of love…

I start calling around to find some answers, this act of kindness was performed by my new neighbors. It was Ann, famous first in my heart for this, then this and this, and Melissa, my running doula, who always seems to appear to nurture me when crisis erupts. and then apparently, a whole HOST of other dear souls ( with jorge’s hunch about Tand P being right), I don’t even know how many or where to start expressing my thanks. It was probably the same group of women who organized 3 weeks of meals in my nausea-filled first trimester, or sat in a circle just a week ago trying to help me navigate new pitfalls in parenting, or have listened to my dribble time and time again. They are my tribe.

I feel hazy like the air, overwhelmed, but mostly I feel a deep sense of honor. You see, kindness has been following me my whole life. How did I get picked by the divine Mother, God, the universe, to experience and live in this space in such a deep and profound way? Kindness changes everything and anything, this I am sure of. That and the magical appearance of a shed on a hazy day can humble a large pregnant women into truly soaking up all the love the divine has to offer.

5 Responses to “the haze of kindness…”

  1. Amy Says:

    Beautiful story of such wonderful friends… I didn’t think my heart could get any more warm today! 🙂

  2. Anne Says:

    They do say, you reap what you sew 🙂 You my dear, and your family are surely loved.

  3. Ragamama Says:

    You of all people deserve such kind acts returned to them. Your work is contagious.

  4. kelly Says:

    i never told you this, but i was telling jay the story of the shed and how touched jorge was and i said, “he was so surprised…but this kind of thing happens to everyone…”

    jay: “um, no, kelly. this kind of thing does NOT happen to everyone. in fact, this type of kindness rarely happens to ANYONE.”

    me: “oh…”

    jay: “it happened to jorge and patience because of the kindness they freely put into the world. it came back to them this time. this kind of thing is sadly, really rare.”

    me: “oh dear…that is so sad. i hate to think you are right. we need to put more and more kindness into the world to fix this situation, man…”

    jay: “yeah…”

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