a family day celebration…

July 19, 2008

After ignoring the children all day to watch 12 episodes (and I’m so embarrassed to admit I’m not exaggerating) of Weeds on Friday, Jorge declared that Saturday would be Family Day! Family day? Isn’t everyday family day since we almost always all end up in the same room regardless of what we are doing all the time? Actually, I shared his guilt as we hid in our bedroom even for meals so we could keep the suburban housewife drug dealer marathon going.

So Family Day was declared. I’ve come to discover my kids like things announced and hyped up a bit. They seem to remember these events later. It also gives me an opportunity to mock such events when they aren’t going so well but there does always seem to be some small delight that everyone holds on to in their memories. Here are the boys introducing Family Day:

So we started on our hike much to Lucy’s dismay, everything was bothering her. She settled when we found this little place to explore.

Josiah found this…

and this…which he thought looked like puppy chow (a family recipe favorite made with golden grahams, peanut butter and chocolate)

Jack just wanted to get his feet wet…

Beside our expectation to find dead animals…we saw a turtle shell, tadpoles, butterflies, a snake skin, dragon flies, frogs and squirrels. Our hike ended when Lucy refused to walk anymore and begged for a dress and clean shoes. So we ended up at the park eating these…

then to play, swing, and gawk at another pregnant woman at the park who looked painfully large. Jorge was disappointed I didn’t find out if she was having twins. I just couldn’t ask…

We ended our day with picking blackberries at an older couple’s house/tiny farm. We had to knock on the door to get make sure it was okay and get some instructions. The older gentleman made jokes, the kids charmed, it was lovely. Jorge and I decided this might be our dream retirement- growing berries next to our house and welcoming families who want to pick. We picked….and everyone faded fast.

They were beauties and SO sweet:

Everyone fell asleep on the way home. And so ends Family Day 2008.

The reflection in the water of the trees…

4 Responses to “a family day celebration…”

  1. Dave Says:

    Love the video intro! …particularly this part:

    P: What do you think we’ll find?

    J: Animals.

    P: Animals!? What kind of animals?

    J: Dead …animals.

  2. Amy Says:

    how long is little Lucy’s hair?! wow! looks like so much fun. the kettle chips are a favorite around here too-

  3. Amy Says:

    I am crazy about Weeds as well…so I understand the addiction! 🙂

  4. Urban Mama Says:

    We’re big fans of “Weeds” here too. I got to interview Mary-Louise Parker last year, and she was so cool. We’ve had a crush on her since “Angels in America.” Love the pics. Josiah looks a lot like Jorge in that pic.

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