the poor man’s dishwasher…

August 8, 2008

This is how I know I am my mother’s daughter- the laundry/dish-o-matic. It was today’s solution to a week long problem of no water coming out my kitchen sink faucet* and a slow to respond landlord.

My parent’s eyes light up a little in crisis. They both thrive on the in-the-moment problem solving and can find a way to make almost anything work. Living in a heavily damaged Hurricane- torn house with no electricity or running water ? no problem, my mom can have a system set up in minutes that will make you feel like you are at 5-star hotel. (it really happened, Hurricane Andrew 1992)

Jorge just laughed as I loaded the washer with plastic Ikea dishes. I just got tired of washing them in the sink in the bathroom. It was time to channel good ole’ mom. Can I just tell you how scary it was that the washer not only worked but completely rocked? soaked em’, washed ’em and spun ’em dry. This might be the best discovery yet for this girl who HATES to wash dishes…

*can a plumber in the crowd explain why this is the ONLY place in the house where we have no water? Something stopping the line up perhaps?

2 Responses to “the poor man’s dishwasher…”

  1. YMGH Says:

    I’m proud of you Pache! I know in some ways it is a curse we passed along but there’s nothing wrong with being solution oriented. Did you balance the washer yet? That is very important, especially now that it is also the dishwasher!

  2. Karen Says:

    o.k., I really need to get back to work but had to read one more post … I love your blog! Now this is ingenuity! I think you should present your idea to Maytag. Thank you for sharing – I don’t feel so odd now for some of the things I do …

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