a beautiful mess…

August 9, 2008

6 Responses to “a beautiful mess…”

  1. Ann Says:

    Thank you Miss Kindness. It’s our anniversary today and that is a wonderful song and a magical picture — such a beautiful, beautiful mess!

  2. Krista Says:

    ah. love your blog, and this song.

    btw..guerrilla goodness….that’s just so awesome.

  3. Ellie Says:

    You have again inspired me. I am now looking at my marriage and life as a beautiful mess as well.

    P.S. Downloaded Flobots on iTunes and have been listening all summer. Thanks for the heads up on that as well!

  4. Mocha Says:

    What is the song artist from this? I guess it’s called “a beautiful mess”.

    Anyway, I need it. Really. Especially today. I need something calm and soothing.

    Could you email me the answer?

  5. Emily Says:

    This is too funny, I just posted about “A beautiful Mess” the other day, I think it’s why Kristen sent me your way…. -e

  6. […] The kind that are messy yet so very full. […]

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