cleaning cues…

August 11, 2008

Jackie-boy sporting his Mraz look

Jason Mraz

I have always felt completely endeared to Jason Mraz (beside loving his work) because I think he looks like what I imagine the man version of Jack might be. Who knows what his heart is like, or what calls to him, but there is something about him that reminds me of my little boy.

His album has been on repeat for 2 days, hence the Beautiful Mess song. It’s almost as if I’m constantly searching for the music that will serve as the soundtrack of my life. I need a theme song, if you will, it’s like a friend or companion that walks along with me. It’s completely cheesy, I know…

and then there are days like today when I MUST get something done, the laundry has overtaken the tiny hall, legos are trickling down the stairs, the mess can no longer be ignored. The secret to actually tolerating cleaning is good music, played really loud. It can get you to do almost anything. So I took an informal poll among my family members… what music helps you clean?

Jorge- Styx …really? are you sure about that?

Me- Ben Folds – any of his albums

Josiah- Queen

Jack- Putumayo African Playground

Lucy- The Enchanted Soundtrack– which usually means there is much more dancing than cleaning. And lots of singing completely off-key. Girl can’t carry a tune to save her life but she is totally invested.

Scary thing is…ALL of these selections were played today and we STILL have more cleaning to do.

What’s your music magic for cleaning and other boring chores?

6 Responses to “cleaning cues…”

  1. Liz K Says:

    Funky Drummer by James Brown is a great song for mopping the floor. Try it.

  2. Synge Says:

    any cheesy 80’s will do. or rent, the musical. and a beer…that’s the secret ingredient for me….not that my apt isn’t totally horrifically scary…

  3. marit Says:

    Lots and lots of 80’s hits. Works every time!

  4. Ann Says:

    Hurray! Great post — I’ll burn a CD with my current cleaning faves (I keep a cleaning playlist on the iPod) and drop it by today.

  5. nyjlm Says:

    as a kid our family always played Billy Joel when cleaning, at top volume.
    My family doesn’t have ‘cleaning music’ but it is probably something we should implement since cleaning time often becomes a torturous fight fest.

  6. debbie Says:

    patience – i check your blog often, but felt compelled to post today b/c i should be a dingdang member of your family!!! what a confession to make, but Styx and Queen are right up there for us when we’re cleaning. in fact, my husband and i were really bummed to find that we’d already packed both when we were needing to do the final push of putting things in boxes and cleaning the whole house during our move…i would also highly recommend Martin Sexton for some good bluesy rock with an amazing voice…
    debbie (friend of nancy and kimmy)

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