guerrilla goodness gone disastrous…

September 1, 2008

I must tell you that there are times when guerrilla goodness isn’t exactly all sweetness and light. Supersisters and Guerrilla Goodness teamed up after Jen came up with this awesome idea for some first day of school love.

The idea was to leave the kids walking to school some anonymous sidewalk chalk messages of encouragement for a new school year.

Josiah wasn’t sure he wanted to go in the first place, he felt a little embarrassed doing something at his own school. We had a huge drama over illegal video game play earlier and Jack felt horrible so he was ready for anything redemptive in nature. I wasn’t totally convinced we should go after all but was hopeful it might turn a bad day around.

We went anyway and everyone started to get into it once we were there. Josiah had a great idea for a message about making new friends. Here it was:

The only problem was that an overtired Jack said he was thinking of a similar message just for kindergarteners and was devastated that his older brother beat him to the punch. He melted into tears, so we wrote another message in his words but we struggled to recover. It’s okay though, some days are better than others in kindness work and it’s always good to try.

It was such a lovely idea, you can still join us even if you missed the first day. Sometimes you need more encouragement the second day after everything sets in a bit.

Here’s hoping your kindness adventure goes a little smoother than ours! Have a great first day!

8 Responses to “guerrilla goodness gone disastrous…”

  1. kate Says:

    oh no! i hope they all have a FABULOUS first day!!!!

  2. jeroldssis Says:

    Weds. is the first day of school here and tomorrow evening we’re going to do this. There’s me and my son and a couple of other moms and their kids going with us so hopefully all will go well. I’m sorry it didn’t go so well for you guys but what you did do sure looks great!

  3. Suzanne Says:

    Please share with your wonderful kids that my 2nd grader truly appreciated the sidewalk well-wishes this morning! I observed many families stopping and taking in each message. Thanks so much for taking the time. suz

  4. Maggi Says:

    So did my second grader — but maybe not as much as her mom! Thanks for that ~

  5. Sara K Says:

    These messages were so sweet yesterday morning Patience and I just assumed they were from MM teachers since they are so sweet there. So I came home and read the Supersisters blog…and whatta ya know…Patience Salgado is up to it again! Thanks…the kids loved them so much!

  6. Jess Says:

    I felt SO happy the moment I saw your first message on the sidewalk! The boys were already slowing down on the sidewalk and suddenly here were these wonderful words to cheer us on. Griff picked up the pace and asked me to read each one. Reese was motivated down the path by the search for “more letters”. I was buoyed by the reminder that while school is new for us, both Griff and I already have friends here! THANK YOU! I’m sorry that your kindness workers had a rough go of it, but sometimes good works come with labor pains, right?

  7. vanessa Says:

    I am just reading your blog for the first time, so I am quite sure this is a theme and I am utterly a doof for saying this…but this idea is SOOO cool.

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