you can be…

September 9, 2008

You are not so small to be just one idea, thought or emotion. You can be pissed and grateful, brave and scared, tired and hopeful, sad and yet full of joy…you can be all the things. There is space for all the hues, dark and light. When we try to be just one, we quiet something else.

Let it flow…and everything starts to make sense.

9 Responses to “you can be…”

  1. nyjlm Says:

    how timely. my new mantra: I am not this feeling.

  2. jen lemen Says:

    i’ll take that one to the bank sistah.

  3. patty craft Says:

    oh there’s way more than just one living in my mind, body and spirit … LOL! Thanks for the reminder that we are unique and complex beings, and that we may embrace exactly who we are!

    peace and love

  4. Angela Says:

    Thank you. That is exactly what I needed to hear at this moment.

  5. gailnhb Says:

    I love this. The simplicity of it – and how profound as well. To be all the colors that I am. All the hues and brightness and darkness.

    And I love that in the midst of
    the darkness and the hardness,
    the anger and flailing,
    there are tiny yellow flowers to pick and share.
    Confessions to make.
    Hugs to give away.
    And fits to throw too.
    Of every size and shape and color.
    It’s all there.

    Thank you for This. Simple. Beauty.

  6. nikole Says:

    Thank you, wise friend. This speaks right to my heart, as your words always do.

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