lyra full of grace…

September 27, 2008

lyra grace salgado

9.26.08 at 10:13pm

born at home, in the water, by candlelight

8lbs, 10 oz

21 inches long

lots of peace, contentment and pure joy surrounding

44 Responses to “lyra full of grace…”

  1. nikole Says:

    she’s gorgeous!

    love to all of you.

    soak it up, mama.

  2. Valerie Says:

    She is beautiful! Congratulations to you, Jorge, and all of your little ones.

  3. christa Says:

    ooooh! she is so beautiful! i’m sending you all lots of love.

  4. Melissa Says:

    Congratulations and richest blessings to you and yours!

  5. Chris Says:

    And she’s absolutely beautiful, too. Congrats to you and the family!

  6. Sarah Says:

    Oh, Patience, congratulations! What a beautiful girl and beautiful name. You got your water birth!!!!! 😀

  7. amy Says:

    beautiful! congrats to you and your family!

  8. shawna Says:

    How wonderful! Congrats and enjoy your babymoon :O)

  9. Kelly Says:

    oh how precious! congratulations!!! I’m new to your blog but I’ve been checking it regularly and I can’t believe you found time to give birth and post the update/picture within 24 hours!

    congratulations again on your beautiful new baby!

  10. Jess Says:

    Congratulations and welcome to the world, Lyra! What a wonderful way to be born, and into such a wonderful family. 🙂

  11. patty craft Says:

    thanks for sharing your little miracle with us! beautiful name for a beautiful baby. wishing you good help and love in abundance.

  12. Kristin Says:

    Ah, she brings tears to my eye’s. What a beautiful baby & a lovely birth! Congratulations to you & the whole family!

  13. Anne Says:

    what a wonderful, peaceful way to join a wonderful, beautiful, spiritual family. Congratulations to all of you.

  14. nyjlm Says:

    she’s beautiful! congratulations!

  15. sperlygirl Says:

    many heartfelt congratulations. she is beautiful. i found your blog recently via jen’s — and i so enjoy coming here. truly. best wishes…

  16. Ragamama Says:

    I felt it on friday, I just knew it. Congratulations beautiful Mama. And a waterbirth I am so delighted for you. Tears are welling up. I am so proud to know you and to be a part of your life. She is gorgeous.

  17. kristen Says:

    Welcome to the world Baby Girl!! Can’t wait to meet you and LOVE that you are sucking your thumb!!

  18. Amy Says:

    I am so happy for you Pache. Yet another beautiful birth and child. It seems that Fridays are your birthing days! 🙂 I am also happy that you were able to have the water birth you wanted. Lyra looks like such a precious angel! Congratulations to you and everyone! Lots of love being sent your way!

  19. Amy Says:

    seems your prediction was right on target! so glad you have the relief that comes with the end of pregnancy–so glad she’s here and looking very content indeed.

    blessings to you all.

  20. kenandbelly Says:

    Congratulations and peace to you.

  21. Pam Connolly Says:

    Welcome to the world Baby Lyra!
    Love to everyone! Pam, Sean, Bryan and Kaitlyn Connolly

  22. Liz K Says:

    Oh, so beautiful, Patience. Welcome to the world, Lyra. You are so blessed to have such a beautiful family.

  23. Maggi Says:

    Oh happy happy joy! She is so beautiful and I send all our love to you all ~

  24. Tina Says:

    Oh happy day! She’s beautiful. I love that she’s sucking her thumb.

  25. lydia Says:

    Beautiful name, beautiful girl, beautiful birth… thank you for sharing.

  26. kimmy Says:

    Oh how itsy bitsy full of sweetness she is! Congratulations to you all.
    And her name is absolutely lovely.

  27. megg Says:

    Best wishes and congratulations from a lurker! She’s beautiful!!!

  28. Kayla Says:

    Oh!!!!!! Congratulations!!

    What an awesome name!

  29. Amy O C Says:

    She is sooo beautiful!!!
    All my love and warmth my sweet friend!!!!

  30. Lara Says:

    I’d heard she’d arrived and made a point to come over here and check it out. She’s beautiful. Congratulations to you and yours.

  31. Jaspenelle Says:

    What a beautiful precious baby! Sooo many hugs and congrats to you Mama! I’d say blessings too but it is ver obvious you have all them already!

  32. Ann Says:

    Welcome little Lyra! May you always hold in your heart how much you are loved!

  33. Gina Says:

    Oh Patience,
    That precious bundle….. I’m just so happy, so very happy for you. I read the timeline, the candlelight … and I felt so glad that you had *your* birth. I can’t wait for every detail and I want to see that beautiful girl.
    Much much love,

  34. Elaine Says:

    Congrats! She’s truly beautiful!

  35. Jenna Says:

    She is so beautiful and such a wonderful bundle of blessing! I am so very happy for your whole beautiful and wonderful family. She couldn’t be more blessed with a Mama like you Patience, a Papa like you Jorge and the sweetest and most fun siblings in Josiah, Jack, Lucy who will worship this newest little Princess!

    We love you ALL!!

    Jenna, Palmer and Kira

  36. Laura Says:

    Oh, congratulations! She’s beautiful.
    Blessings on all of you.

    (Been reading for awhile, thanks to Jen’s link, but just now commenting…)

  37. instatick Says:

    Congratulations to you and your beautiful family! She is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL addition!

  38. Peggy Moore Says:

    What an absolutely precious baby. Congratulations to you and your family. I am very proud of you. Hope to see all of you soon.

    With Much Love


  39. kelly Says:

    oh pache, what is there to say that hasn’t already been said? that morning at betsy’s feels so long ago, and yet like yesterday. those little seedlings inside us, our bellies not yet revealing…we were giddy, almost disbelieving. and then the months tumbled on…and now here we are–you with your lyra grace and me with our mystery baby due any moment. what a joy to share baby-growing and baby-having with you. and what a joy to meet lyra, my favorite days-old chunky little latina…

  40. Becky Says:

    you have been in my thoughts and prayers since I saw you last week. and now here she is…so beautiful, like the rest of her sweet family, (esp. her mama). 🙂 I made some lentil soup and wish I could bring it to you! We are sharing your joy here. Get some rest, Pache, and I hope to see you ALL again soon and welcome sweet Lyra Grace!

  41. synge Says:

    she is pure love! how beautiful. my heart is with you, many blessings to you and sweet sweet lyra grace!

  42. Lyra Grace Christianson Says:

    I just wanted to say that it’s amazing that I saw this when I googled my own name! Not only was it surprising to me to see a baby with my first and middle name, but the fact that she was born the day before my 20th birthday floored me.

    She is beautiful! Congratulations.

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