when strangers care…

September 29, 2008

lyra at 2 days old

I can remember looking out at the sea of people from the top steps of the altar on our wedding day. All 450 of them, half of the crowd in tears. I was overwhelmed by the collective support and love in that moment, no longer regretting the sacrifice of a kickin’ reception for 125 that I thought I had wanted. It felt like the world was behind us, sending us off with hope our love could make it.

There is something about people who knew you in the beginning, or even before you were you. It doesn’t matter if they are only meant to be present for a season or until the very end. They create space for blessing to rest herself in the air around and send you forth into all that is meant for you. Sometimes they can even see things you can’t because they knew the magic from that very first moment. I know from experience this is so precious.

So the same feeling has circled again but this time for my child. It touches a different and very deep part of me. and now there are strangers mixed in with loved ones, so many more to share in the joy that is lyra grace…I can’t begin to tell you what it means to my mother heart…a simple thank you is all I have to offer, thank you for loving my girl into the world with me.



4 Responses to “when strangers care…”

  1. ginevra Says:

    so lovely. xoxo to you both.

  2. Kelly Says:

    total stranger, with tears welling up…
    beautiful. I can almost feel your mama emotions way over here. I remember so well that overwhelming gratitude that washes over you in the days right after birth. I would love to swim in that place forever. Maybe that’s what heaven is…


  3. Valerie Says:

    I’m going to keep the phrase “loving her into the world” in mind as I get ready for our little one to get here. That’s the perfect way to think of it.

    We all love you and your wonderful family.

  4. Mariella Says:

    You speak to my heart! Wow….”They create space for blessing to rest herself in the air around and send you forth into all that is meant for you.” Thank you for writing and sharing and loving. Congratulations on your sweet new love!!


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