a letter to santa…

December 3, 2008


photo taken by gina

A Mother and Baby Christmas

So I totally want to ask Santa for a macro lens for christmas but it’s a completely gutsy request on my part. Jack disagrees entirely, he says I should just ask because you never know and Santa can do pretty much anything. I’m thinking Santa is pretty strapped, what with the economy and all the travel so I’m going to stick to some smaller items.

If you are feeling some Santa woes at your house here are some KG favorites for mothers and babes:


1. It’s the lovely Sarah soothing all the noise of Christmas out in the nicest way. It’s Lyra’s favorite in the car when all is wrong with the world. I used to play it for the boys while they were going to sleep.

you can find it here.


2. Jen just rolled out these soulful little cards for the holidays. They are the perfect answer to everything deep in your heart you might not be able to even say. Jen’s photography on the front with the power of her handwriting on the back. They make a love bomb when paired with #3.


3. You know how I feel about a good story. Jen Lee put together a collection of her work on a cd perfect for relaxing into all the best places of your soul (and hers). She is a brilliant writer and I predict will be a kind leader of all things soulfull on the net.


4. Lyra was given a pair of these in pink after she was born by my dear friend Amy. Aren’t they sweet? What could be better than baby mary janes…more baby goodness here.


5. Just a small reminder for those in the family that would give their right arm for a puppy…and she is SO much better I must say. This adorable tee is by Baby Brewing made famous by this hilarious pregnant woman. If you are a Richmonder, Kris and clothing line will be at Bizarre Bazaar this weekend. Stop by and tell her KG sent you.

6. Most importantly…A gift you can give another mom and babe…

For every 10 people that sign up for this club, the kind people of Graco will give a free car seat to someone in need. All you safety obsessed car seat enthusiasts, it’s time to be loud and proud. I say it’s the least we can do right?

Okay, let the shopping commence…peace and love this holiday.

2 Responses to “a letter to santa…”

  1. Amy Says:

    you’re the best 🙂

  2. J Says:

    I love that picture of you guys…

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