5 ways to invite Christmas magic!

December 8, 2008


Feeling like the magic doesn’t exist or you’ve already lost it on day 9, here are five ways call it to your house and heart.

1. Buy a Charlie Brown Christmas tree– forget the fluffy, beautiful, picturesque trees that cost a kagillion dollars, buy the saddest one on the lot. The kind where you can see the trunk and have a tiny bird’s nest inside.

A few years we even waited until the 24th, thus saving a tree from missing it’s Christmas destiny. With 1,000 lights and all the old ornaments, that little tree will hold Christmas magic, I promise.

2. Get some Christmas Pajamas– and here is the secret…wear them everywhere. Cook (their aunt) bought the kids skull pajamas which Jack proceeded to wear to a playdate yesterday. Because really, who can resist skulls with christmas hats and comfy all rolled up into one? I also wore my pajamas with a fleece pullover to the grocery store and the park this week. It felt like I was taking the warmth of Christmas to the cold of the world.

3. Start a fire– this one is for boys/men in particular, especially former boy scouts. Boys love to start fires, I love to watch fires. Nothing feels like Christmas than something crackling and the smell of wood burning. If you are feeling too tired and still want the magic, be a Cheater McCheater and buy a duraflame log.

4. Make Something– Forget the shopping and to-do list and sit down to fiddle with your hands. If you are already artsy in your heart, I don’t have to say another word except you have permission to blow everything else off for this moment of art fulfillment. If you aren’t and can’t imagine such a thing, start with stringing popcorn. It can be meditative and christmasey. It will be good, trust me. Kids will lead you if you have any doubt on this one.

5. Write out your Christmas wish-write out every wish on tiny pieces of paper, they can be about anything. Things that make you happy, sad, hopeful…fold them up until they can be folded no more and stick them in a jar. If you want to remember them then leave the jar somewhere where you can see them, if not, hide them deep in your closet. Don’t open them until next Christmas and add again. You might find the magic did happen or things and desires have changed or you might be inspired to make changes…or you might even still be a little sad. It’s okay, it’s just good to put it out there, to know in the end you’ve invited Christmas magic, come what may…

6 Responses to “5 ways to invite Christmas magic!”

  1. J Says:

    Me like FIRE

  2. kelly Says:

    and if you haven’t, like SOME people, been forced into sobriety by a ridiculously misspent youth followed by an even more absurd young adulthood, by. all. means. bust out the liquor, people.

  3. anne Says:

    Oh I love this post, thank you thank you. I am going to go an start an art project right now, the heck with the kitchen!

  4. Amber Says:

    I love the Christmas wish jar suggestion. That sounds like something I can do one-handed while I hold a baby. 😉

  5. […] was inspired by Kindness girl to create a Christmas wish jar. Hannah and I did it together on Tuesday afternoon, and Jacob slept […]

  6. Kristin Says:

    I’ve been wearing my fleece x-mas pj bottoms everywhere. Why don’t they make regular pants that feel this good?

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