i wonder…

January 27, 2009


Today I wonder if she can be tamed…today I hold an inner wish  for harmony and compliance. No conflict, no struggle, no quest for balance,  just peace and quiet. and I know, (sigh) I know,  if this wish came true, everything would be wrong in the world. Her beauty is in her power, her grace in her strength, her magic is in her will.

and she sleeps, and I rest, waiting for it to awake in me…

10 Responses to “i wonder…”

  1. Anne Says:

    isn’t it nice that you can get this wish for about 8 to 10 hours every day, when she sleeps… And in twenty years you will love and completely embrace her power, strength and will – because it will take her so far. And you will have earned all the gray hairs to come – (this is meant to be a positive comment:) )

  2. kristen Says:

    I spent some time in the gym yesterday with the transition class. Lucy was so cute. She just came up and hugged me and wanted to tickle and snuggle. She is infectious – in a very non-germy way!!

  3. Amy O C Says:

    So much like my Joy…daily she teaches and inspires me to be the woman I am inside…

  4. Amy Says:

    I just love her, and wish I could experience her beautiful yet strong personality first hand. Miss you!

  5. Ann Says:

    A wise friend said to me once about my spirited child to remember that she will get what she needs and she will not let others take advantage of her. For the parent however, it is just so draining!

  6. Kelly Says:

    Oh, so beautifully put. On my worst days with my son it is difficult to find those thoughts and feelings to bring his sweet heart back to mine. Thank you for giving me the words for those thoughts and feelings.

  7. nyjlm Says:

    I survived my the year that my daughter was 3 by repeating this mantra: she’s gonna be an amazing adult. she’s gonna be an amazing adult. It helped me surf the waves of her intensity- some days all I could do was hold on and pray I didn’t fall off.
    She’s 7 now, still intense and just a lot, but oh my stars have I learned some things. She’s taught me so much and I’ve taken leaps and done things I never would have done without her.

  8. […] in that regard.( I mean, have you read about Patience and Jorge’s older daughter? Hello, Miss Firecracker!) But when working towards that goal, helping JR learn to sleep on his own seemed like the most […]

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