babies in richmond…

February 3, 2009


Check out our new writing adventure with this girl and her guy, Mr. and Mrs. RVA:

Kindnessgirl and husband go local on all things RVA and Parenting

(i really just wanted a reason to post this picture of lyra, i’m swooning over this kid these days)

5 Responses to “babies in richmond…”

  1. Amber Says:

    Oh, look at Lyra’s cheeks! I can see why you’re swooning over her.

  2. YMGH Says:

    How do you keep from eating her, this precious, adorable baby girl!!!

  3. Nan Says:

    Oh, Pache – she is swoony! Beautiful, just like her mama and papa!
    Happy Wednesday,


  4. Nikole Says:

    very nice!

    oh, she’s gorgeous. i love those baby arms. and the cheeks- oh my!

  5. kimmy Says:

    She’s breathtakingly lovely!

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