i’m in love with…

February 14, 2009


capturing the moment…

being present in every second…

a powerful girl who finally decides it’s time to let you take her picture…

discovering the beauty all around…

finding myself in this new art…

being seen…

seeing love through the lens… 

I am blissing out on art and pictures and babies and family love this valentine’s day…I hope love finds you too today, in the way you need  it most.

Do you wanna be friends on flickr? check it out here!

2 Responses to “i’m in love with…”

  1. Amber Says:

    I totally want to be friends on flickr. I just signed on and I’m still figuring it out. I could use more flickr friends. 🙂

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m blissing out on babies and family too.

  2. Jenna Says:

    Such a precious Lucy. I haven’t seen her in too long and she has changed so much…growing up too quickly. We need to have a date for the big girls, little girls and little boys to all get together soon! XXXOOO

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