growing girl…

February 16, 2009


This is Jorgie’s tree… he bought it before the holidays and said he was going to grow our very own Christmas tree. I laughed and he faithfully watered everyday. Nothing happened for the longest time, but Jorge’s Journey philosophy in life and sheer love grew the little seed.

I  look at the tiny plant on the windowsill everyday and feel a sort of friendship. I’m out  and growing. No hiding under a dirt surface, I’m growing both ways now. I’m so into my things, it’s all I ever want to talk about…to talk about myself. (tiny gasp) For so long I mirrored the thoughts and feelings in a room, held back or guarded my own. It was my superpower to meet you wherever you were, and stay there. Except now I find my own ideas and opinions coming out of my mouth and sometimes, well, I’m slightly horrified. But I can’t swallow them back and it’s okay. Surprisingly, okay.

I’m no longer the most comfortable girl in the room to be with and I’m a little self-absorbed at the moment and I’m creating and kinda proud and frustrated and determined and scared and strong…and strong. It’s good and sad all at the same time.

I’m a growing girl…

7 Responses to “growing girl…”

  1. tina Says:

    beautifully put! i, too, am able to meet people wherever they are…but i find that i don’t want to stay there anymore. i want to stay with me in this beautiful world i have worked hard to create – ultimately i am most comfortable here in this beautiful mess(!).

    “i live to give something that can live on, like the way you hum a song when the music’s gone” (franti, ‘pray for grace’)

    your growth and strength are an inspiration, patience!

  2. Amber Says:

    I love that little tree! It’s amazing how seeds, which are so nondescript, can turn into something like that, and even something much bigger.

    And I also love that you’re growing. I think it’s great that you’re coming into your own ideas and opinions, and finding strength. It’s also inspiring for someone like me, who’s still trying to figure out what I want to do and be.

  3. Amy Says:

    Sometimes what people truly need is not someone to meet them where they are, but to take them to higher places.

  4. Jen Says:

    God, woman, will you puh-lease start talking about yourself already? (And don’t stop!) It’s about time–I’m dying over here and I need a good steady diet of Patience Salgado.

  5. kristen Says:

    Let’s talk about you all morning long – tomorrow???? I am sick to death of my educational crisis – which by the way is over!! 🙂 All thanks to your kindness.

  6. Amy C Says:

    Oh Pache…we are changing. I have to say me too to all of that!!! It completely freaks me out !! Love you thanks for this

  7. Synge Says:

    Wow, Patience. You are truly inspiring and hopefully pushing me out of my own identity crisis. Beautiful, just beautiful!

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