so we got a dog…

February 24, 2009


read all about it here


5 Responses to “so we got a dog…”

  1. Kelly Says:

    He looks like he’ll fit right in.

  2. Angela Says:

    Congrats – they are for sure a lot of work, but so rewarding! He’s super-uber cute!

  3. mysticaljett Says:

    One of my friends got a dog just like this for Christmas. It’s a great pet. I’m sure you’ll be attached to it in no time.

  4. Emily Says:

    Aww, he’s too sweet! I know your kids are going to have soo much fun with him! I’ve been not-so-secretly pining away for our neighbors little pooch for months now~ she sneaks out of their fence and comes over to our house! They don’t take care of her and I want slip her into our home and hide her away.

    I’ve awarded you with a lemonade award for your blog! Come to my blournal to get the details for what to do! -e

  5. becky Says:

    We broke down and got a dog too…American Eskimo pup named “Cloud” (a boy). You can’t beat that happy puppy energy. Riley looks very sweet, kind of like our old beagle mix (still JG’s “other mother”)…very loyal and may eventually help you look after the kids. 🙂 congrats and much love…

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