the snow glory…

March 3, 2009


The snow finally found us after 5 years. We ended up at our neighborhood park with about 200 other people out of their minds excited over the snow glory. Lou (the snowboarder above) and his lovely family (they were like the beautiful people) were just a few kind strangers that let me take their picture.

I loved this guy:


and the sledding dog:


this guy said it was the most fun he had since he was a kid:


Lucy, Lyra and I didn’t last very long. Lyra’s cheeks were windburned so we decided to walk home…this was our view:


*happy sigh* I love you snow…

5 Responses to “the snow glory…”

  1. A Dreamer Says:

    I love the guy who said it was the most fun he had had in a while. I too love the snow… But unfortunatly I live in Southern BC and It mostly rains here!!!! I love all of your writings and I look forward to reading More!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. tina Says:

    it’s so refreshing to see people so happy about snow! i’m in wisconsin and most everyone here is absolutely sick of it (it’s been a looooooong winter for us). i’m one of the strange ones who doesn’t mind snow, or shoveling (shoveling is not a chore if your dogs think you’re playing!)

    the 2nd picture is my favorite – dude’s like ‘alright!’ w/ the arms up (it’s a rule…whenever someone says alright, everyone has to say alright and throw their arms up…a silly game that stems from puppy training *grin*)

    so happy for you and your snow bliss!!!

  3. Ann Says:

    Beautiful pictures. Now I wish I had gone to the park with the gang! Although home by the fire was a nice place to be as well …

  4. Jess Says:

    Ohhhh, I’m so bummed that we didn’t go sledding! Love the pics, especially the second guy with his fab coat!

  5. brea Says:

    i am absolutely convinced that my Mom brought the snow! she didn’t want a big to-do and she never wanted to put anyone out. even though the place was packed, some people couldn’t make it and because school was closed, i didn’t have to miss any work (except friday) and didn’t have to pay for a sub. mama always knows!! it was beautiful and the kids were so happy! once again putting the happiness of others first! love you mama!!

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