the loser 365 club…

March 14, 2009


Luna – dog and friend to the Reavey-Gilbert’s

So there is this photography project called 365…a picture for everyday of the year. Except I’m late to the party, I’m always late to the party and usually this isn’t a bad thing. I like to think of it as the little bit of Miami still left in me. *

 I really wanted to do it but didn’t want all the pressure and I REALLY didn’t want homework. I’m already doing kindergarten and 2nd grade every night, thank you very much but…I realized I’m now taking my camera everywhere I go and when I don’t have it, I wish I did. and I miss her, she’s my new best friend. So I’m joining, I’m in all you 365ers, sort of, it’s the loser version. No  pressure, just play, everyday…it’s fun. I can definitely play every day or almost every day.

You can follow along here. Or play your own game. What would you do for fun every-single-day if you could?

a close second for me would be:

jump on a trampoline

pick flowers and berries

have sex (well, this would be my first choice but you know, you know…)

your turn….

*Cuban/Miami time- be a half hour late to everything all the time, it’s awesome!

9 Responses to “the loser 365 club…”

  1. kelly Says:

    when i first got my nikon, i took pictures of caleb every single day and emailed them to family every day, putting “daily dose” in the subject line. ah, those were the days. now my camera is gone and so is my ability to do ANYTHING every single day. except lose my mind. 😛

  2. Sara Says:

    Welcome to the 365 club! I think you’ll love it!

  3. Amber Says:

    What would I do every single day if I could?

    I like the trampoline, and picking berries.

    These days I think it would be taking a shower, or knitting. Oh, how I miss the daily shower.

  4. Amy Says:

    love, love the picture and the soul inside that dog. can’t wait to see what else comes out of you camera.

    every day, if I could, I would go to the beach. a warm beach, 80 degrees and not too humid if I got to choose the weather too.

  5. Jess Says:

    i love the idea of a daily photo and have been trying to take pics every day (another girl with a camera for a best friend here, lol), but what gets me hung up is the daily maintenance of a project like this – getting the photos off the camera, resizing, uploading, blogging.

    i was doing the Grace in Small Things project but at some point it became too much of a chore, and felt like it was dominating my blog, and i was giving too much time to thinking of the GIST and not enough time to living! i like doing something like photography every day, without pledging to do it, so that i feel no qualms about taking a day off. so no 365s for me right now, but i’ll enjoy yours!

  6. Oh, if I could get on the 365 wagon and do something–ANYTHING–consistently every day (except sleep or eat or other mundane things). Love the idea of it!

    Every day, if I could, I’d go walking in a beautiful place. The beach, the mountains, a meadow…

  7. Gina Says:

    I love Kelly’s response.

    I would be out in the sunshine.
    I would sleep through the night. Maybe I’d wake up and cuddle my babies just because I wanted to, but they’d sleep through it so I could immediately go back to sleep.
    I would drink really good coffee while its piping hot.
    And I’d join you on the trampoline.

  8. Ann Says:

    You are so gifted. I am so thankful to be in a place where I can do some of MY things everyday. Knitting usually wins out. Thank you for the incredible photos of Luna.

  9. tiffanyk. Says:

    Ahah! I was late for 365 too.. and so I started my own.. Project 31.

    For just a month.


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