guerrilla goodness sidewalk chalk love: bad news, good news…

September 7, 2009


There are times when you just have to trust the universe. I woke up to a terrible weather forecast. It seems even if we dodge the rain today, it is coming tonight either way which is sort of disastrous for our sidewalk chalk intentions for the kids tomorrow morning.

Strangely, while I am bummed, my heart has a peace about the whole thing. Because all roads lead to The Sound of Music, I just keep thinking, “when God closes a door, he always opens a window”…and so we have a decision now, an opportunity, if you will. We get to decide what comes next.

Do we:

a. Postpone until next Sunday when maybe the messages are meant for the second week of school?

b. Cancel all together because this event has the biggest punch for the first day,  wait till next year!

c. Cancel, but plan another Guerrilla Goodness mission very soon so we don’t lose the goodness juice that is flowing in a big way.

d. Your own brilliant idea that is at the tip of your tongue that you are now shouting at the screen.

Now that we are mulling around what to do, I want to tell you about what Guerrilla Goodness  has ALREADY happened as a result of opening this project up to the world.

Pam and her kids Guerrilled it up and their local paper sent some love their way.

Rachel and her peeps, who are homeschool friends are doing the project in two towns. Her site was listed in blogger’s Blogs of Note shortly after she linked to GG which sent both her and GG’s page hits through the roof! Yay for spreading the word!

My good and rockin’ blog friend Chris at Everyday Heartbeats  decided to gather her people and do Guerrilla Goodness: West Coast Style. It was a smashing success, her very own lovebomb to the world.

Besides these amazing women, my inbox has had a steady stream of folks telling me they decided to share their own Sidewalk Chalk love in their cities and towns. If you would like to share your pictures please feel free to upload them in the Guerrilla Goodness Flickr Pool.

I also had a chance to talk about GG on the local news which was wonderful, weird and exciting all at the same time.

So now it’s up to us, share your thoughts as to what we should do next in the comments.

Thank you for all your heart and excitement about GG and all that is to come.

7 Responses to “guerrilla goodness sidewalk chalk love: bad news, good news…”

  1. WOW!! Thanks so much for the link love!! It had been threatening rain here too, and I had decided to go under the school’s awnings and write our messages a little closer in… lol Our plans are still on, if you wanna come to the Oregon Coast!! lol

  2. Jonah Says:

    Patience, so sorry that you got rained out! Keep us posted if you decide to reschedule….until then we’ll be thinking about some other ways we can spread Guerrilla Goodness!

  3. Thea Says:

    It was so nice to meet you today, even in the pouring rain! Loki and I are brainstorming about ideas… Thank you so much for coming up with such a wonderful idea! I know the universe is feeling all the love…

    • kindnessgirl Says:

      Thea, oh, it was SO lovely to meet you and Loki…what a sweet boy you have. can’t wait to guerrilla together soon…

  4. Melodie Says:

    I did some solo sidewalk chalk love at my daughter’s new school last night. I don’t think it rained here last night but it was already wet so hopefully it was still there come this morning. My daughter starts school tomorrow but I wanted it to be there for all the other kids who start today. Wish I could have seen all their faces but it was SO much FUN regardless. Thank you so much for the inspiration!!!

  5. […] though her first attempt at guerrilla goodness got rained out on Monday, Patience Salgado is pressing […]

  6. […] Loki (the cutest kid you ever did see) came with his mom, Thea,  in the pouring rain last Sunday to GG. He somehow held hope is his heart that our little event of kindness could still […]

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