the story…

September 27, 2009


in his arms

because her eyes always tell a story…

Everyone has a story…and if you think they don’t, it usually just means it’s bigger and deeper than you probably imagine.

My path has been crossing all kinds of new people lately… friends of friends, local social circles in my city I never knew even existed, twitterlebrities…it’s more socializing than I have done in a long, long time. I feel like a freshman on the first day of high school. The exchanges of first impressions, some awkward, some instant life long friendship and some I’m still scratching my head trying to figure out. 

I’m sorry to say that my Judgey Joanna has been in total overdrive at times, I thought I knew…I made decisions instantly or even before I arrived, before the story. The story is always there, some give it freely right from the get-go, others hold it close trying to decide if you are worthy, some folks have them locked up so tight hoping they will never see the light of day. No matter how or when we eventually arrive, I am always so humbled by the truth before me.

The story is what makes us real, the place where see and are seen, the moment when we are most amazing and human all at the same time, the destination of understanding and true connection. So I sit around now, trying to wait , reminding myself  to listen, looking and holding hope for the story… 



5 Responses to “the story…”

  1. Linni Says:

    Everybody wants to share their story…some just need someone as patient as you to give them time to gather the courage to share it xx

  2. Kristin Says:

    Love this post, Patience — isn’t it true? Everyone does have a story to share & has the hope that there are people out there wanting to sit down & listen. Lovely. . .

  3. Tina Says:

    mmmm…I love the stories.

  4. Tisha Says:

    My heart gets all inspired when I read this post, Patience. It’s beautiful, honest…delicious in what it is inviting us to delve into! Thank you.

  5. butterfly effect :@ Says:

    true, everyone has life-story… acknowledging that, we could have more consciously kinder to people we meet… nice blog…

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