it was guerrilla good…

September 15, 2009

We believe in you

Photo by the Koshock crew

The sky was blue, the air warm, the breeze cool…everything the weather wasn’t just a week ago. I drove with the boys in the hoopty thinking along the way,  there was  just one little un-met desire in my heart. We needed music, music makes everything better. We drove up, grabbed our basket and walked to the field in front of the Carillon steps. There, right in front of us was a drumming circle, I felt like I had just put in a short-order to the universe diner with super fast and friendly service. The bell rang- order up- everything you asked for, everything you need to Guerrilla Goodness your heart out.
Guerrilla Goodness TCG pic6
Photo by The Checkout Girl

There were all kinds of folks there: artists, mothers, kids, teens, twitter celebrities, babies, foodies, fathers, teachers, friends, strangers…almost 35 total, we hit 17 schools, all in our city of Richmond.  I was sort of tortured, surprisingly. I wished I could go with each person to each place, but instead we milled around trying to decide who would take what and wondering if we should take more. Each went their own way and then we (the kids and I) traveled around the city GG’ing and trying to catch up with the others…

We are one family
Photo by John Haddad

I was so touched to read each message, each intention, each act of kindness…and again, like always, I left feeling so undone by the  good in the world, mission accomplished.


At the last school the kids rolled in the grass, lyra helped draw(i.e. eat chalk) and I listened to the kickin’ church service across the street while I wrote.


The hip-hop was filling the air, and just then we heard a horn. A man and women were blowing rams horns, and it all felt sacred somehow. It was a perfect ending to a guerrilla good day.


Thanks to each of you that came out from RVA and our friends all over the country  who made this so special and so much fun!

GG cutie artist #2
Photo by Mary Margaret Park

Have fun Learning
Photo by Tiffany Glass Ferreira

If you have more GG adventures to share, please do so in the comments! We would love to hear about them. Thanks to all who spread the word. If you missed this one, no worries, there will be another chance soon…or even better, do your own, invite us, we’ll come!


13 Responses to “it was guerrilla good…”

  1. chris Says:

    I’m so glad the weather cooperated for you! It looks fabulous!! I’m serious- what can we plan next, east coast/west coast style?! I’m ready!!

  2. Jess Says:

    Oh, such an amazing wealth of Goodness! I wish we had been there. Must spread more GG soon!

  3. mel Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that we did a little bit of first-day guerilla goodness last year and again this year, inspired by you! We’re on the east coast of Canada and I love feeling connected to all of you who have done this in other places.

  4. mammaloves Says:

    The rain washed away most of our work last week, but the sayings under the front porch of the school survived. They were greeted with much appreciation by students and staff. I also know that a friend of mine in WI took part too.

    Keep us posted on other ideas. I love to spread your messages of kindness.

  5. Jaz Says:

    You guys are amazing. I have to do this in my neighborhood next year! Thank you for all the wonderful ideas.

  6. Shawna Says:

    You inspired me to do this for my kids at work. I work overnights at a group home with kids who will be transitioned back to their homes or to foster care. In the middle of the night, I went out and did all of our sidewalks with messages to them. They were all surprised when we headed out for the various school runs. “Who wrote those?” one of the girls asked as she craned her head to see them all. “I don’t know!” was my response. 🙂 Thank you for the amazing idea. It made my heart feel good to make them feel good.

  7. Suz Says:

    I just wanted to tell you how your GG survived the whole week and has made an impact on many people. This afternoon, a grandmotherly type was actually walking backwards down the sidewalk reading and smiling at each message. She looked up and said, “Have you read these? They are WONDERFUL!”

  8. Erin Says:

    Please let me know what you do in the future. I want to be involved, no matter how large or small.

  9. […] based on random acts of kindness, perpetrated on strangers. I was lucky enough to participate in the last one, and I can tell you it feels kinda good not to be a jerk […]

  10. […] guerilla goodness: takin’ it to the sidewalks part2 […]

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