off the grid…

May 23, 2010

her: Do you wanna pick flowers with me?
me: yes!

Is there ever a time when I do not want to pick something, anything? Hardly anything grows in our yard except long grass, so long that we are “those neighbors” on the street. Yet Lucy and I have 2 flowering trees, I don’t even know what kind but various times through out the year something  is blooming or trying to…and we will pick what ever it is. She sings, warbles off key like Snow White while I listen and smile.

It is deep in her, the joy of seeing something beautiful and taking part to carry the joy to a new place that is longing for something fresh.

so we pick…and I find I don’t want to do much else these days…except maybe…

text Josiah all day long as we unlock a whole new level of conversation and connection

laugh at Lyra’s animal sounds as they are the most wonky you have ever heard

dance with Jack in the living room to the silly fireflies song

wander the thrift store for pretty (and insanely cheap) dresses to wear to fancy parties 

take more and even more pictures making me feel less like a photography poser every day

make lemon bars and worship how delightfully addicting they are

sit in the sun by the river watching kids deeply immersed in the bliss of nature

go ding dong ditchin’

hold smooth river rocks in my hand

getting up with the sun to pick strawberries

dream up new short videos I want to make

eat roasted veggies, fresh fruit, something cheesy and finish with sweets for every meal

try to forget, think, let go of half of all that is in my head

be held

…and another week goes by that I’m out of touch, not keeping up, behind…no kindness revolution, no book writing, no speaking, no networking, doing nothing that all the movers and shakers are religiously doing to build empires…sometimes I worry if it will all still be there but then I see a berry, hear the little girl warble, get a new idea and feel the ground move, cracking open to reveal even more…more trust, more magic, more faith to follow all that is right before me.

5 Responses to “off the grid…”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Your list of things is beautiful. I can’t help but think that that is exactly the way life is supposed to be. I’m envious of it.

  2. Julie Says:

    Loving this one today. I’ve spent the weekend doing a bunch of nothing letting my to do list fall to the wayside. Feels pretty good!

  3. Amber Says:

    It is hard to keep up with the movers and shakers when you’re moving through life with your children. I really believe, though, that I would be more sad to miss out on the berries and the cloud shapes than I would be happy to have an empire. It’s really true, too.

  4. Sounds like you are working on the revolution simply by instilling the right values (live! love!) in 4 very important kindness soldiers of the future. Some people spend their time promoting what they do/believe, others live what they do/believe. The age of social media (blog! FB! tweet! now! five minutes ago!) has made living in the moment (rather than talking about the moment) even harder. I for one celebrate your choice to smell (or pick!) the roses.

  5. anne Says:

    You SO have your priorities in order! Lucky children to grow up with a mama like you.

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