cherry pickin’ on the mountain…

June 3, 2010

cherry pickin' love

If you need some soul fixin’, head straight to the mountains…for all you RVA’ers, this is the glorious Spring Valley Orchard and it’s worth the trip.

and just so this blog won’t be mistaken for being all unicorns and rainbows  (and nauseating family bliss), here was the end of the day trying to get the almost impossible four kid group shot:

2 Responses to “cherry pickin’ on the mountain…”

  1. Trish Says:

    You are a delicious girl via pen in hand or photographing your world. I so look forward to meeting you.


  2. jen lemen Says:

    pache–i used to work for spring valley orchard at our farmers market! the brothers who own it got into farming on their own when the little garden their dad set up for them as kids totally captivated them and took their interest in gardening to a whole other level. they were obsessed with growing stuff and never looked back.

    they’re barely 30 now, dry wit and business smarts. the one brother has the farm and the other one has a dairy now i think. your boys would love them!

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