a kindness workshop…

July 18, 2010

tower of kindness

boxes for Ding Dong Ditchin’

This week among getting ready for a million other things, I got a minute or two to bail out of the craziness to lead a kindness workshop for kids. It was a brilliant idea by my dear friend Sarah, the class was an auction item to benefit The Sabot School.

kindness workshop

It was interesting to watch the kids explore the concept and put some definitions around the word and act. I kind of laughed when at the end when we were reflecting and Sarah asked the kids what they thought kindness was and one student said very plainly,

“It’s the opposite of egocentric.”

She must have been no older than 7 or 8, I burst out laughing, it was a big statement from a kid, from anyone actually. Some parts were hard to connect at times and that is when I was struck by a huge 2×4 from the universe…kindness isn’t just something we do, kindness is a way of life.

…it’s a lovely way of living, so much bigger than us, even in our moments of deep egocentricity, kindness can find a way into our hearts and all the places we need it most…softening and molding us, revealing what is most important.

I’m looking forward to exploring with others how we can lead kind lives, everyday showing us a little more.

5 Responses to “a kindness workshop…”

  1. Amber Says:

    That is one awesome kid, coming out with that. The force is clearly strong in her.

  2. Brenda Says:

    I wanted to let you know that in our little town, Frankfort, IN, we have followed your lead and we have successfully begun a Ding-Dong-Ditch phenomena!!! We read about your great idea, then we decided to DDD bunches of people in one week…we probably did about 30 in one week. My daughter went to an enrichment camp this week and saw the tag that she made and wrote (she recognized her own writing) on a vase with different flowers on a table (a kid was taking them home to pass them on)…She asked someone about what it was and they said that a bunch of people are doing them all over town and that one person that we DDDed told her congregation at church and encouraged everyone to DDD someone!!! How fun!!! We are loving watching the DDDs continue!!!

  3. kindnessgirl Says:

    Wow Brenda!!! That is so incredibly awesome. Thank you SO very much for taking the time to let me know about your kindness work and all the DDD goodness! Please tell Frankfort that it has my heart! My heart is so full!

    • Brenda Says:

      We continue coming up with new ways to DDD people…and new people who touch our hearts! Sometimes when my daughters and I walk away from someone we all look at each other and begin furiously whispering that they need to be placed on our DDD list!!! The great ding-dong ditch has done more for us than it has done for anyone on the receiving end. I’m amazed at how it has brought us closer, allowed us to step outside of ourselves, and has put a zip in our weeks! This will forever be remembered as the DDD summer!!! 🙂 Now…we will continue this throughout the year…LOVE, love, love all of your KIND ideas!!!

      • kindnessgirl Says:

        Thank you SOoooo much Brenda for writing to tell us about your work. It makes me so happy to know you guys are receiving so much joy, that is exactly how it is for me. I always worry a little when I put stuff out there about how other people will experience this work…stories like yours encourage me so much and solidify my deep belief in the power of kindness for everyone…love and joy to you all.

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