on parenting and happiness…

July 20, 2010

shine down on me

how can this face NOT make you happy?

My husband always adored Bill Cosby and thought he was hilarious. Even as teenagers before marriage and children he would belly laugh over his parenting bits, which were a comical take on his slight annoyance of life with kids who he called “those people”.

 As a bright and shiny aspiring preschool teacher and child development major, I was always horrified. My entire life was spent around kids, enjoying their company and investing in their futures. Even though I knew Bill Cosby really probably loved his kids and life, I said a secret prayer that I would never become like that.

Fast forward sixteen years to living in a house with less than 1200 square feet with a dog and four kids, (two of whom are total firecrackers) and on a tight income with both parents working. I am physically and emotionally spent in ways I never really imagined….rest the rest here.


One Response to “on parenting and happiness…”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Hi Patience – I’m so inspired by you! Thanks for writing such an honest and relatable account of your feelings! I feel the same way most days – exhausted by the kid battles, messes, and the endless “what are we doin’ today?” However, it’s all worth it when we see them learn something new, make a new friend, or give us a huge love squeeze! I wouldn’t trade my life for anything! By the way, I used your idea and we made the secret kindness bracelets to hide at the park today. So excited – thanks again!

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