what you do when…

August 9, 2010

This is what children do when their parents are working on the 57,000th house project and are STILL unpacking boxes for what feels like 40 forevers…

If you are Lyra, you get into the ice cream AND silly bandz stash, all before 9am…

If you are the boys, you spend hours making very rad Lego pin ball machines and marble games…

If you are Lucy you layer dress up dresses (one just isn’t enough) and make things out of pom poms, like silly noses and pom pom bouquets because all roads lead to flowers anyway.

…besides all the kids watching entirely too much Netflix, in between they fight over while being deliriously happy about swinging as high as they can over the pond on the awesome swing…and if you are Lucy, you sing “I Believe I Can Fly…” off key as loud as you can.

…and lastly you beg your mother to help you make minish and fairy houses for the magical backyard and then when she finally does, you say it’s too hard yet still give her very specific instructions and fantasy education until completion. It was seriously fun…I must make more.

just another weekend at the Kindness house…

3 Responses to “what you do when…”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Oh my gosh, your yard is completely magical! The fairy house is so great! We have simply turned a bush into a fairy house, but it works. Nice swing – and a pond! Lucky family!

  2. Cheryl Says:

    You have such a wonderful ability to see the beauty in everyday occurrences… It sounds like everyone had a fantastic day!

  3. Amber Says:

    This is what amazes me about you. Moving with 4 kids has got to be hard. But this post makes it sound … magical. 🙂

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