guerrilla goodness love and lovahs…

August 13, 2010

Acts of Kindness!-2

Just soaking in all the Guerrilla Goodness flying around these days…nothing makes me happier. Check out my GG soulsister Chris and her kindness work above, we’re gonna do an east coast and west coast bang up power mission together one of these days.

Blog Post 5b

Oh….look at my new friend Kristin, the lovely, lovely artist…she hid these all over her friend’s house. Aren’t they amazing and don’t you wish you found one in your shoe? I wish we could sit at a table one night and make pretty things while we tell our stories, Kristin just feels like that type of friend.

photo by Kim Klassen

Kim Klassen, *happy sigh* , Kim is one of those crazy inspiring people/artist/sisters who holds a great and safe space for people to explore, try on, dream all the parts of themselves that have been waiting to come out. Check out her Inspiration Staycation filled with kindness, her cafe… mostly her most amazing way of being in the world.

For you local-yokels …Kate and Kate of along with Hands On Greater Richmond are throwing a Back To School Splash gathering school supplies for kids in need. Hop on this goodness, you will be so very glad you did!

4 Responses to “guerrilla goodness love and lovahs…”

  1. jeroldssis Says:

    Yes, an east coast/west coast bang up power mission needs to happen! I’m ready when you are! Thanks for sharing my GG. You rock, you soul sister, you. 😉

  2. jeroldssis Says:

    By the way, I emailed you. Thinking of you… 🙂

  3. Traci Says:

    Love it – thanks for more inspiring ideas. I am going to have to do the vending machine kindness at work next week!

  4. Kristin Says:

    Patience – thank you. You are an inspiration and your thoughtful words mean more than you know. An artists playdate would be so much fun…

    “Virtual Hugs” from your new (and inspired) friend,
    Kristin 🙂

    p.s. (in response to “on being seen…”)
    You are beautiful inside AND out –
    Please be as kind to yourself as you are to everyone else.

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