lyra love…

September 26, 2010

She was my storm baby, an old soul born into a rough time. From the day she was born she has held a confident presence, so sure of herself, her place, her needs. She is untouched by the family chaos, jumps quickly into joy, and so generous with her love. She is adored as the baby always is…she is our grace, happy birthday Lyra Grace.

The kids got up early to make cards for the birthday altar and greet her when she woke…

Some of the wishes and blessings would be beneficial for more than one family member. I mean, who can resist wishing a pony for someone else?

It isn’t a birthday until there is cake and a free for all on twizzlers…

May 2 hold even deeper joy, new adventures, and a pouring of kindness over you that reaches every last part of you and reveals the sacred path to growth and the power of your beautiful life …


10 Responses to “lyra love…”

  1. Kristin Says:

    Happy Birthday pretty girl!!! Smooches!

  2. Kathyn Says:

    Beautiful, Happy Birthday little one.

  3. Nikole Says:

    Happy birthday, sweet Lyra!

    (and the flags on that cake are so cute I can’t stand it! love it!)

  4. Suki Says:

    Happy Birthday, to your gorgeous little girl.

  5. Emily Says:

    I adore the way you encapsulated her spirit with your sweet words. I also secretly have wished to name my future daughter Lyra for years… It’s at the top of my Someday List…. I hope that it’s the most beautiful day. -e

    • kindnessgirl Says:

      oh, i love the idea of Someday lists…and how lovely would it be to have another Lyra in the world, with a mom like you E!

  6. noromom Says:

    Happy Birthday, Lyra! Happy Lyra’s Birthday, lovely family!

  7. Happy Birthday, sweet Lyra!

  8. Amber Says:

    Happy belated birthday to Lyra!

    And happy birth-ing day to her mama. 🙂

  9. MJ Says:

    That is the Sweetest Idea ever! I see a new family tradition being born! Thank you for the Inspiration! You are Wonderful! Happy Belated Birthday Lyra!~XO

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