everything can happen…

September 23, 2010

The entire journal had words that have been foreign to me for so long… words like ambition, success, power, even rich. Yet all of these words were being called in for me from this little journal given to me by a dear friend. It was my birthday, a time when you reflect on all that has happened, all that hasn’t and all that will. I turned to the very last page of this sweet book and it read…

Everything can happen…

Not anything can happen, everything can happen…and I began to wonder if more than one good thing in my heart can happen. If there is more than one idea, one hope, one dream…what if all of what I need can happen, every last thing, Everything Can Happen.
It suddenly felt so profound. To ask, to believe, to stand in this way of thinking and being.
I put the book down, grabbed my trusty chalk and ran out to the soul blackboard.

When I was done chalking my new manifesto, I dusted off hands by rubbing them together in a spit-spot kind of way, just like Mary Poppins after cleaning the nursery with her magic and a spoon full of sugar. I felt as though it was done, all of it.

I am here 34th year of life, and everything can happen…

12 Responses to “everything can happen…”

  1. kelly Says:


  2. heidi Says:

    That phrase is very close to another, which is ironically related to Mary Poppins.

    Have you heard the song, from the stage musical version,
    “Anything Can Happen If You Let It”.

    It instantly became my new theme song when I first heard it.

    • kindnessgirl Says:

      I KNOW!!! I actually just took Lucy to see it and I think that song was mulling around in my head while writing this…we must be soulsisters Heidi if everyday Mary Poppins brings us life wisdom. 🙂

  3. Amber Says:

    Happy birthday!

    And I love your soul blackboard. So awesome. 🙂

  4. jeroldssis Says:

    You are SO rockin’ it, sister. Enjoy the ride. 😉

  5. Kathyn Says:

    I love that . . . Happy Birthday.

  6. Suki Says:

    🙂 Everything can happen! You are so right. I just requires to move the energy into the right direction blessing people with kindness.

  7. YMGH Says:

    Go for it!!!

  8. Mary Ellen Says:

    Happy Birthday! With God all things are possible–I love this all day long.

  9. Happy Birthday, dear Patience 🙂 I wish you everything.

  10. Siobhan Says:

    I always like to think that everything that can happen – does!

  11. I love this. I needed this today. Thank you.

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