magic is so magical…

October 3, 2010

harry potter magic7
It was an idea that came to us while layin’ around just shootin’ the breeze. The best ideas always unfold that way it seems. Yes! A Harry Potter dinner sounds perfect…and the thrifting, planning, scheming began. We spent hours looking at cool old junk in thrift stores, planned a menu together, found out dry ice is the most exciting thing EVER, talked endlessly about Harry Potter authenticity! It was one of the most fun nights/events I have had in a long time. I kept thinking to myself, “Why, oh why don’t I do more of this stuff with my kids?”. I decided these are the things, the stuff for pure fun, no holiday, no birthday, just because, are the real memory makers. We must do MORE!
harry potter magic1
harry potter magic11
harry potter magic12
harry potter magic2
harry potter magic14
harry potter magic16
harry potter magic20
harry potter magic23

You can see the rest of the Harry Potter magic pictures here.


15 Responses to “magic is so magical…”

  1. Amy Says:

    Oh my gosh…what an incredible party!!! I just love the creativity and the exploration of imagination. Kudos! 🙂

  2. Emily Says:

    Oh Patience, you are absolutely on my “mom crush” list… what a special & magical time that your kids will absolutely remember forever! You are teaching them such amazing things- that spontaneity can lead to pure divinity! I adore it. -e

  3. Jess Says:

    SO FANTASTIC! What a great reminder to tap into this energy more often in our own family.

  4. Kathyn Says:

    Looks like a fun time, love it.

  5. becky Says:

    so fun, pache! 🙂 we had a pokemon party “just because” a month or so ago…yes, the more memory makers the better. love u.

  6. Amber Says:

    I love the photos.

    And you’re right – it’s the little things that are the most memorable. I’m trying to incorporate more of that into my own family.

  7. Lance Says:

    So, so awesome…these memories you are creating! And I love that this just happened…

  8. I love it! we love Harry Potter around here as well. We’ve been playing a bit with our wands lately in anticipation of Halloween and the new movie. and thinking about butter beer… 🙂

  9. Jenny Says:

    Fantastic idea! Beautiful pictures too. Totally love the green glass, magic wand sticks, candles – it’s like a boy’s version of a totally rockin’ tea party! Well done!

  10. islandjen Says:

    so, so awesome! i need to plan a just because themed dinner…

  11. Kimberley Says:

    This is so cool! I feel like a little kid watching this. All my kids are grown up and away, but looking at these pictures makes me want to do it anyway.I wish there were more younger children in our neighborhood.

  12. Gail Shoemaker Says:

    The pictures are great and what a fun time…..what kind of camera are you using…..???

  13. Julie Sulik Says:

    oh, Patience, can we throw a Harry Potter party for your over 40-old friends who still believe in magic?
    You rock! I love you! And, LOVED the photo of you and the kids in the October issue of skirt!

  14. So fantastically true! Its nice to make our own holidays 🙂

  15. […] There is no pressure of a birthday and it all can be done in your own sweet time. We had a magical Harry Potter party a few years back and ever since then I realized this is a sweet spot for […]

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