birth love…so wanted.

October 8, 2010

There is something so profound about being so wanted. This little guy was welcomed into the world with such joy and love…Thank you Mellissa and Andy for allowing me to watch it unfold and capture just a tiny bit of your great love.
baby l love9

baby l love23

baby l love24

baby l love15

baby l love31

baby l love32

baby l love44

baby l love53

baby l love58

baby l love64

8 Responses to “birth love…so wanted.”

  1. Kathyn Says:

    So special, beautiful.

  2. noromom Says:

    Such beauty!

  3. MJ Says:

    AWESOME! I am the girlie who wrote you via Vimeo the other day! I just now discovered you photograph the birthing process which is what I have been gearing my photography sights on! I am telling you I think there are no accidents when I say I stumbled upon your video for a reason! These are just beautiful. I had the awesome pleasure of doing my first live birth the first Fall weekend! My sister in law kindly agreed after I told her my plans to begin this journey. She was more than thrilled to let me in! Though since it was my first live birth it was also my first very low lighting situation of which of course I made sure to do my homework, checked my ISO settings, shutter speed, etc. I am now editing pictures! Though I feel my colored ones I just can’t get right! I am a black and white lover anyhow as you would see if you saw my blog images but any tips on editing your images to get the colors just right? Sorry for the long post I am just super excited to find out you shoot live births professionally! Hope you do not mind my inquiries! Warmest Regards!~MJ

    • kindnessgirl Says:

      MJ! Yes!!!! I only shoot birth actually. It is SUCH an amazing experience to watch birth and see the love of partners, the beauty and power of it all.

      I can write more to you via e-mail but you can see some of my work on and on my flickr- i’m kindnessgirl there. I have found birth photography to be very tricky to do technically well. I know other birth photographers use flash but for the most part, I have avoided it BUT my stuff is pretty grainy. I constantly go back and forth about it but in some situations, even the click of my camera feels so invasive. I’ll write you, SO excited to “find” you too. Look forward to talking shop and getting to know you better.


      • MJ Says:

        This is beyond GREAT! I am headed over ASAP to check out more photos! I completely understand what you are saying about the flash. This was family and I felt like I didn’t want to intrude even with them so I TOO shot without a flash. A lot of my images came out grainy too but after editing to my hearts content I am actually falling in love with the grainy look~ it feels more real and in the moment. I have never been a perfectionist so this style suits me:)I can’t wait to see your amazing images and get to know the person behind the lens as I catch up on past blog posts.

  4. Amber Says:

    This is so beautiful. Those photos brought tears to my eyes!

  5. Trish Says:

    You got this just right…no language necessary…the language of love jumps out of the photos…

  6. Jeannine Says:

    These are gorgeous!!! You captured the most incredible experience ever – life. LIFE. LOVE. Beautiful!

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