try, try again…

October 18, 2010

It seems Josiah and I have been in all the same places lately. We are standing at new adventures, new tasks, his was mountain biking with a new bike with brakes, mine is a new job doing social media for a local hospital. I think we both assumed it would be a breeze. Instead, the challenges have unfolded in ways we didn’t really expect. Before you know it, the feeling washes over you…

Whoa, this is hard! Why is this hard? I didn’t sign up for this! What if I can’t do this? like at all. What if I fail?

…and then you do. You wipeout big time, because sometimes that really is the only way to learn. And you feel a little beat down, sad and scared but you know the only real choice is to get up, brush yourself off, and try again. The thing is, there is no guarantee it won’t happen again. I watch others around me who hold the same fear, but dive in completely with their whole heart while I carefully try to guard my own. Then there are some who inspire me because they know even if they are petrified, the end result beats it all.

So we stretch, fumble and try again, and each time failure seems less big and scary, but part of something bigger …and so much more.

5 Responses to “try, try again…”

  1. Amber Says:

    You have this knack of writing just what I need to read. That is your great kindness to me, and I am so grateful for it.

    Although, is it wrong that I wish I didn’t have to wipeout sometimes? Because wiping out isn’t so much fun.

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  3. This gave me a warm feeling this morning… it was great to read 🙂

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  5. vanessa Says:

    Remember that dream I had. Maybe it wasn’t for me, maybe it was something you needed to hear. So I will tell you again…

    I woke up and what was running through my head was,”Failure changes nothing.” And it doesn’t. Nothing that matters. The people that love you, will still love you if you flop. All failure is, is an oppertunity to learn what doesn’t work so you can figure out what does.

    Head up mama. Head up. No matter what happens the people that love you (me!) still will.


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