kindness is magic…

October 16, 2010

There are moments that feel so surreal, I wonder how I got this family, this partner, these little people to be with, to live side by side everyday…to know this goodness is in the world. The deep blue sky, the cool air, this conversation in the backseat while running errands had me totally undone today, feeling so full I could burst.

Jack (age 7) and Lucy (age 5)

Lucy: You know magic is not real… (said in a tone of sadness)
Jack: Yes it is Lucy!
Kindness is magic.
The earth is magic.
The way the planets turn is magic.
How we survive is magic.
You are magic Lucy…

Lucy: So am I wrong? Because I thought there was no magic.
Jack: No, how you are in our family is kindness Lucy, and that is magic. When you just shared with Lyra, that is it. I believe in you Lucy. Everyone is magic, if they spread kindness, joy and love, everyone can be magic.

Lucy: I guess you are right. (in a hopeful voice)
Jack: Magic doesn’t come from the world, it comes from people, and their kindness, that’s where magic comes from.

Lucy passed Lyra a small toy when she cried.

Jack: That’s it! There you go spreadin’ it, spreading magic.

And just like that, the conversation changed to where we should eat lunch…and you just never know where magic will reveal herself again…but I’m pretty sure, it lives in the backseat of my car.

Amen, Jack. Amen.

23 Responses to “kindness is magic…”

  1. chris Says:

    Priceless, absolutely priceless. πŸ˜‰

  2. Janice DeLong Says:

    I’m not sure what to say. This is truly beautiful and reminds me to live fully in the present always and in everything I do. Worry wipes us out in so many ways and is really useless. Kiss everyone and let people know you love them. Let go of resentments and anger, it will eat you up inside. My father is dying of cancer and he is living everyday with his family joyfully. Sorry to go on and on P, you should be so proud of the babes you are raising!! Love to you!! Janice

  3. kelly Says:

    ooooh myyy…that boy…oh, that jackie boy…i just can’t even count the number of ways your children have touched my heart over the years; i can only imagine the blessing of being their mother, and yet, i can say quite confidently it is because you are their mother (and jorge is their papa) that they are so exquisitely magical. πŸ™‚

  4. Amber Says:

    Jack is so wise. So very wise. πŸ™‚

  5. Kathyn Says:

    That’s truly beautiful, from the mouth of babes.

  6. AHH! totally speechless πŸ˜€

  7. jag Says:

    Oh my… what a gift you and your children are!
    Magic indeed.

  8. Jo Says:

    Your children are absolutely amazing – it has to be in large part because you as their Mom are absolutely amazing and have taught them the ways of kindness. The world is so much richer because of you, your husband, and the four precious aware children you are raising.

  9. kindnessgirl Says:

    Thank you all for such kind words about my family, the truth is, it feels more like a covering of grace and kindness over US more than anything we do or are…it just was so encouraging to hear his words after a time of feeling pissy, long hours working, feeling touched out and overwhelmed,and wondering how things are so disorganized and chaotic…his words put life in total check and reminded me of what i really want to live and be.

  10. Kelly Says:

    Okay, Jack is truly a wizard for our time.

  11. jenna Says:

    there goes those seeds of kindness being planted again, Pache…just like you and your grandfather. You’ve planted 4 amazing kids in the world of kindness and we are all going to be better blessed because of it. THAT’S MAGIC!!xxxoo

  12. […] I refuse to believe that there is no kindness magic. […]

  13. Trish Says:

    This is a delicious post!!! Patience is magic just by sharing these authentic anecdotes with and of your four little meatballs…


  14. […] feel a little nervous right before I offer anything out to the world, but I just keep reading this post about a conversation I overheard between Jack and Lucy on kindness and magic years […]

  15. barefootlisa Says:

    Oh Patience, I hear you about feeling a bit tender and nervous and vulnerable before offering something out into the world. I keep listening to the small, still voice/whisper in me that nudges me along, gently, and powerfully. You go girl! YES!

  16. HB Says:

    …..and when the world says ‘ doubt & be nervous’ ….. hope whispers ‘try it one more time!’

  17. pathwriter Says:

    Reblogged this on pathwriter and commented:
    I had planned to post something else this morning (and still might), but when I read this, I knew I had to share it.

  18. Magic is in the eyes and thoughts of a child…and so is wonder!…How beautiful.. Diane

  19. Dan McGaffin Says:

    I want a car like that. =)

  20. […] walks through life much the same, a quiet persistence and wisdom. Both with a very matter-of-fact delivery but somehow with Β ancient […]

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