his gentle wisdom…

January 4, 2014

jackie boy love

jack, age 11

His entrance to the world was not an easy one…it was my hardest birth, giving birth to a deep bond between us- only the other knowing just how deeply we loved and worked.

He walks through life much the same, a quiet persistence and wisdom. Both with a very matter-of-fact delivery but somehow with  ancient roots.

He asks me how I am with sincerity every single day and thanks me for every meal.

He watches too closely over his sisters and is frustrated by the lack of respect he receives from them for this careful eye.

He is forever loyal to his brother, like a twin who is bound beyond even blood.

His charm is unconnected, he is unknowing of the power it possesses.

He works towards his dreams methodically, catching them, holding tight.

His mind forever curious, his heart tender and kind.

Some days, to me as his mother, he doesn’t seem of this world- I have no idea where he came from…almost an enigma to me.

Without trying to understand why or how, I land in a place of deep gratitude that we are in a family together.

…that I am his mother.


Happy Birthday Jackie-boy! We love you so…


4 Responses to “his gentle wisdom…”

  1. Jen Bailey Says:

    Ah I have missed your posts Patience! Jack sounds as though he shares very similar qualities to his luminous and wise mom. Happy Birthday Jack!

  2. Brenda Says:

    So, so beautiful patience! He is so very special and your sweet words make me want to travel all day to come and meet him! Someday I will see you all in person…this beautiful family…this sweet sparkly beautiful family!

  3. Debbie Says:

    How wonderful a person he must be! And how special you all are! Your words just melted me!
    A Very Happy Birthday to Jack!

  4. Erin Says:

    Happy Birthday Jack!

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