kindness is magic…

October 16, 2010

There are moments that feel so surreal, I wonder how I got this family, this partner, these little people to be with, to live side by side everyday…to know this goodness is in the world. The deep blue sky, the cool air, this conversation in the backseat while running errands had me totally undone today, feeling so full I could burst.

Jack (age 7) and Lucy (age 5)

Lucy: You know magic is not real… (said in a tone of sadness)
Jack: Yes it is Lucy!
Kindness is magic.
The earth is magic.
The way the planets turn is magic.
How we survive is magic.
You are magic Lucy…

Lucy: So am I wrong? Because I thought there was no magic.
Jack: No, how you are in our family is kindness Lucy, and that is magic. When you just shared with Lyra, that is it. I believe in you Lucy. Everyone is magic, if they spread kindness, joy and love, everyone can be magic.

Lucy: I guess you are right. (in a hopeful voice)
Jack: Magic doesn’t come from the world, it comes from people, and their kindness, that’s where magic comes from.

Lucy passed Lyra a small toy when she cried.

Jack: That’s it! There you go spreadin’ it, spreading magic.

And just like that, the conversation changed to where we should eat lunch…and you just never know where magic will reveal herself again…but I’m pretty sure, it lives in the backseat of my car.

Amen, Jack. Amen.