guerrilla goodness: the mother’s holiday survival kit

December 8, 2010

The holidays are hard, even though we love them. There are money worries, kicked up family dysfunction, growing up again, making magical memories, house decorating, baking, cooking, wrapping, work parties, kid parties, light tours, shows, dressing children in fancy clothes, the feeling all of it must be done.

I wonder though, almost everyone I know has a hard time around this time of year. How do we get to that place? How can we hold each other and our own hearts with a little more tenderness this year?

Hence the Mother’s Holiday Survival Kit and a little Ding Dong Ditchin’

The kit includes:
1. Chocolate- because chocolate is always a good idea
2. Emergen-C- because even mothers need a hella dose of C for a pick-me-up
3. Coffee gift card- because we need to feel like we can just do something small and indulgent
4. Scotch tape- because you can never find the tape when you need it
5. Tea- because we should all take a break for tea
6. Mac&Cheese- because there is always a night you just shouldn’t have to cook something real
7. Kindness Magic jar- special notes to fill your soul
8. Finger flashlights– because all children love them and they might give you 5 minutes peace
9. Felt ornament kit- because you always have to come up with a kid crafty gift for the grandparents and aunties.
10. Paper Bead necklace kit- because kids and grown women like anything in rainbow option, and it’s fun to have a wow project to pull out.
11. Soul Candle- a candle that holds all the burdens of your heart so you don’t have to carry them, for just a little while.

Christmas kindness is spectacular, we delivered a few of these bad boys around town. The DDD was eventful, as usual, there was a shoe lost for a moment in the getaway, but I am happy to report we stealthily got it back.

What do you need in your holiday survival kit? Please tell us… I’d love to know. It can be anything, really. Maybe you need to give a kit or get one this year…


19 Responses to “guerrilla goodness: the mother’s holiday survival kit”

  1. love, love, love!

    hmm… what i’d add:
    perhaps a special pen to add some wishes, hopes, and dreams to the kindness magic jar.

    magic bath salts.



  2. playcrane Says:

    Your survival kit sounds perfect! Okay, except for one thing. It needs a good novel.

  3. Amber Says:

    You’re so inspired. 🙂

    As for my holiday survival kit, I need candy canes. Lots and lots of candy canes. They totally put me in the spirit, when I’m not feeling it otherwise.

  4. would add a box of those dreamy swedish ginger cookies we like…and the recipe for pumpkin dip to go with them!

  5. charbatkin Says:

    How ’bout a fifth of Scotch! And maybe an EZPass. Not to be used together, of course.

  6. Kathyn Says:

    Love this survival kit, it’s perfect.

  7. Tammi Says:

    Oh, how lovely. Am lighting a beautiful candle this instant to hold my burdens for a while – what a beautiful idea. I second the candy cane idea. 🙂

  8. You always inspire me with these idea.

    I might add dry shampoo for that day I just don’t have time to shower before the next event.

  9. yolanda Says:

    This is such a good idea. I posted on this same subject yesterday.

  10. gina Says:

    who is charbatkin? we need to be friends.

  11. I signed up to be a ‘Pixie’ at my church. We go around leaving heartfelt gifts on people’s doorsteps anonymously. Love this list for inspiration for that project!

  12. Jess Says:

    Such a great idea, and by chance, I just heard of a friend who does a “be nice to you” basket for her female/mother friends. The fifth of scotch is genius – maybe airplane bottles of Bailey’s or whatever the recipient’s poison of choice is? And perhaps a homemade CD of whatever your family’s favorite fun music is, somebody else is sure to find a new fave for dancing the wiggles out.

  13. Jess Says:

    PS: that towel is gorgeous, tell us the source, please! I may have a little bit of a kitchen towel addiction.

  14. Tina Says:

    Love this! I’d add hot chocolate w/ a wee bottle of peppermint schnapps.

  15. […] guerrilla goodness: the mothers holiday survival kit […]

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