love wrinkles…

December 13, 2010

Lucy: You hold me and I’ll be asleep, and then you love me and take a picture of you, okay?

I loved her vision…

It was a photo shoot orchestrated entirely by a five year old. I looked at the picture on the big screen where every tiny flaw and imperfection on my face is wide and deep. I stared at the image for a bit, the photographer in my head thinking of all the tweaking that could be done…but then a wave fell over me.

All I could see were love wrinkles, the kind that form from deeply feeling whatever is in your heart, the kind that form from the courage it sometimes takes to express them, the kind that come from thinking too much, the kind that started from listening intently, the kind that grew from holding a space for strangers and those you hold dear alike, the kind that know what it is like to be healed, the kind that have known fear, the kind that believe love and kindess are the only answers.

…and then I felt so much love and compassion and pride for that face, for the story that it tells.

…and for the girl who insisted on capturing it.

12 Responses to “love wrinkles…”

  1. Kathyn Says:

    What a beautiful post, love it.

  2. Nikole Says:

    just perfect. what a beautiful mama and woman you are.

  3. Lance Says:

    What I see…I see love, shining through every pore of our being. What a sweet, sweet picture. And what an amazing girl…Lucy…

  4. Mani Says:

    Her vision is beautiful, the picture is beautiful, and so are you.

  5. Meg Says:

    Just wonderful 🙂

  6. Julie Sulik Says:

    You’re beautiful photo…of love “wrinkles”…(your immense collection is just beginning to come to the surface…how lovely!)…peaceful Christmas music…and lightly falling snow outside my home office window…what could be a more wonderful beginning to this 12/13/10 week! Bless you! Bless little Lucy! ((((((HUGS)))))) & Love, Julie

  7. Amber Says:

    I think it’s a beautiful photo. And an even more beautiful sentiment. 🙂

  8. Nina Says:

    and I saw it and just thought “oh what love and joy is shining out of her eyes” and read it and thought “OH WHAT LOVE and joy is shining out of her eyes”

  9. This is an incredible story and photo. To what Nina says above, I would add, What joy is shining our of her heart and soul as well!

  10. Katie Says:

    Amazing … your photo, your heart, your love and your blog. Can’t wait to explore.

  11. Mary Ellen Says:

    I like it!

  12. kathleen Says:

    i love her vision, too.
    and this photo.
    and your words.

    happy new year, lovely loving mama.

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