on living with artist children…

December 23, 2010

art by stella

you almost always have glitter somewhere on your face or in your hair.
there is no such thing as trash, your kids bring home the foil to “make creations” that your burgers were wrapped in.
polly pockets are constantly sporting new clothes from various materials like popped balloons and green leaves.
you never see the top of your kitchen table.
your kids never match…and shockingly the control freak in you learns to love it.
someone is always coming up with an idea where spray paint is required…and hot glue…or anything else dangerous and exciting.
you discover just how many things can be turned into star wars and pokemon characters.
you always have something fantastic hanging on your wall.
there is always a reason to curse as the legos will never, ever, EVER all be picked up.
you dream of a bigger studio with dreamy light.
other kids are always intrigued by the access to forbidden things when they come to your house.
your kid declares herself a ketchup artist.
nothing is ever simple exactly, it’s almost always involved.
you have old lady hands before your time due to massive amounts of paint, water and glue.
it takes 3.5 seconds after you start your own art that someone decides it should be a group project.
you all kind of drool together in the art store.
everyone collectively feels a compulsion to make something almost every day.
your life is always kind of a mess.
you decide you couldn’t and wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

art is life, and life is art…

7 Responses to “on living with artist children…”

  1. Jess Says:

    “it takes 3.5 seconds after you start your own art that someone decides it should be a group project” – oh, so true!

    Have you heard of the book (or idea of) “Beautiful Stuff”? It inspired a year of creating with more found materials than ever at our preschool, and has fueled our own family creativity for years afterwards, too.

  2. Kathryn Says:

    Simply beautiful.

  3. Amber Says:

    My daughter has art in her soul. I love it and it amazes me. But I do sometimes wish we didn’t have so much STUFF crammed into the art drawers. It all has to be saved. You know.

  4. Jen B Says:

    Amen sister!
    (Stella liked seeing her art on the computer, it made her smile and run off to go DRAW ON THE FLOOR….gotta go!)

  5. ladybugfamily Says:

    oh this is so true!!

    my thing is that i can NEVER find my scissors and we can NOT keep enough tape in the house.

    when i need tape, there isn’t any.

    our youngest got three different colors of duct tape in his stocking this year. and he was thrilled…

  6. […] mind that we can’t see the top of our kitchen table.  Read her sweetly moving essay, “On Living With Artist Children”, over at Kindness Girl, take a deep breath, and remember what’s really […]

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