soul care, art, and a giveaway

January 12, 2011

A new level of crazy has descended upon me, crazy amounts of work, the re-entry after resting bliss is brutal, the juggle of 57,000 things I have going have been particularly bad. I’ve felt disconnected from my kindness work, which has me out of sorts.

I’m seeing amazing kindness projects pop up all around me, they invigorate me and at the same time also make me wonder if there will be any space left for the work in my heart to come. The good news is there is always a place, space, room for kindness, and I’m learning that more deeply everyday. Not to mention, it is all so deep for me, work/project/mission just don’t even fit anymore, this is life.

In this moment, I have some really good opportunities to provide for my family, to learn and grow. I feel this rise in me to seize them. It isn’t anything I thought I would be doing but all feel so purposeful and part of a bigger picture. One huge delight and passion in the middle of all the madness has been the launching of The Journey to Birth, childbirth education classes and a soul school with my dear, dear soul sister Melissa. A website is coming soon to tell you more.

Knowing how much we all need to tend to our souls, especially in pregnancy and postpartum, we are giving away a Mini-Soul care kit!

It includes:

Original art by me
a tiny easel
a votive
one good piece of chocolate
a $5 gift card to Starbucks

Friends far and wide, pregnant or not, please feel free to enter! Tell us over there, one person you are feeling some love for today and we’ll pick a winner tomorrow at 5pm.

May kindness find your soul in a new and unexpected way today!

6 Responses to “soul care, art, and a giveaway”

  1. Emily Says:

    Patience- I’m not on facebook b/c of school stuff, students and parents, etc. But I’d love to enter this contest on behalf of my friend Kim who is pregnant and giving birth this month- what a treat this would be to win and gift to her! Can this be my entry? I was oddly feeling love for her this morning as she dropped her kids off at school, bursting with baby, her current youngest one forgetting to wear tennis shoes for PE, and knowing that Kim was just barely making it all out the door, even on this 2-hour delayed day! -e

  2. Naima Says:

    Hi Patience, I too am not on Facebook right now – digital overload. Please allow me to enter here:

    I am feeling overwhelming love for my 11 year old son, right now. He is struggling with algebra, just like I did. He pushes ahead with tears in his eyes, complaining about how hard it is. My words of encouragement are falling on deaf ears, just like my mothers words were for me. I love him because of his perseverance. I love that he is so much like me, and I love that I might be able to help him some along the way because of that.

  3. kindnessgirl Says:

    What lovely entries from you both! I made sure they made it in, thank you for taking the time to tell us about the people you care about. It is bringing me lots of joy to read the entries…

  4. brenda Says:

    Patience…YOU are the original kindness girl…you make us all aspire to be kindness girls too. I soooo look up to you and all you do…I pray that my kids will choose kindness everyday…I would love to ask you more about a kindness project that I could do in my tiny town…maybe for kids…at the library? I’m just cooking it up in my head…(My daughters and I NOW have a Ding Dong Ditch cabinet where we keep all kinds of supplies for surprising people…

  5. Naomi Estment Says:

    Totally gorgeous pic, Patience – especially being such a cat lover! Your blog is simply delightful. I’m so happy to have discovered you via Lance’s fabulous ‘success’ post…love what you stand for šŸ™‚

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