thinking of you…

January 13, 2011

Jack's birthday weekend7

I had an epiphany this week, you know, the driving in your car, standing in the shower, of washing dishes variety. The best kind we pass over, blinded by their simplicity and yet they often carry the most power.

So it came to me that the three words thinking of you do wonders for me.

I have been thinking of you…
Can’t stop thinking of you…
I was thinking about your situation…

Any combination will do. It is this kind of simple love, when there is nothing to be fixed, or answers to be had, yet you or your problem has lingered past the initial exchange…
…or the joy of time being passed by some kind of intentional care and thought of you…it is being held somewhere…
this love speaks to me.

It seems like lots of those I hold dear are finding their way to a light, their drops of tears are sliding down everything cold, prickly, icing over…and the light glimmers still. Even in the harsh and bitter winter, I see your light

…and am thinking of you.

10 Responses to “thinking of you…”

  1. Dave Says:

    I want a print!

  2. bridge Says:

    thanks. i need someone to see my light today!!

  3. Amber Says:

    Holding space in someone’s thoughts is a powerful, powerful thing. 🙂

  4. Amanda Says:


    I find these words very powerful as well. It almost moves me to tears when I’ve been having a difficult time and someone simply says, “I’ve been thinking about you lately.” I should make a more conscious effort to say this to others!

  5. Ellie Says:

    This happened to me on Saturday. I’ve been away from home for almost a month and won’t return for another 3 months. I feel lonely and miss my friends, and, on Saturday, one of them called me just to say hi and tell me she was thinking of me. It made such a difference!

  6. Naomi Estment Says:

    Such an evocative image, and words. You’re gifted, Patience.

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