remembering this day…

January 17, 2011

she grows
her deep, deep eyes

I still have the metro ticket in my wallet. It is tattered and torn but I saved it because it holds so much for me. Two years ago, the kids and I were celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. by making a peace sculpture when we decided at the very last minute we needed to hop on a train and see a dream so many held for so long come true.

I took four little children by myself that afternoon to Washington D.C. to see the first African American man become President the next day. I left the boys and Lucy with my sister and packed up my 12 week old baby in a carrier close to my body and joined so many others. It felt like a journey and some day I will tell you the story of all that unfolded.
I met a stranger named Connie that had a profound impact on my experience and life. I felt things that day that I still can’t talk about without crying.

…but today I remember a man that held the dream with such honor, Connie who held my heart with grace and the baby who held deep peace with those same big eyes… feeling so grateful for them all.

3 Responses to “remembering this day…”

  1. Kathyn Says:

    Beautiful post, brought a tear to my eye.

  2. Natalie Says:

    Very beautiful.. I love kindness:)

  3. Marlene Says:

    Beautiful. Just beautiful. I did not brave the chaos and crowds for Obama’s inauguration. But my own daughter took her first steps that day, and that means something. She’s now three, and she and I spent this holiday weekend in D.C., just the two of us girls. On MLK day, we had a fantastic brunch at Busboys & Poets Cafe–the place was packed and so alive. We must’ve spent an hour looking at children’s books about historic moments in African American history in the Teaching for Change bookstore in the cafe. We ate the most amazing French toast seated on a sofa in the lounge, with the best soundtrack playing mostly ’70s soul. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven when Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday” came through the speakers. I think I’ll save my Metro ticket, too.

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