the giant tree and community kindness…

March 4, 2011

The Giant Tree art by  Lillian and Stella

a gift to our family when we were all sick on Valentine’s Day

I wonder if kindness is like a giant tree, with roots so deep in the earth, lots of branches extended every which way, reaching to the sky, soaking in the light of the sun. It has been feeling like that to me lately as I had three different experiences in the last week where collaborative kindness came together, where people offered their super powers with wide open arms, where kindred spirits held the space for others to find their way, where I imagined and could see how kindness can grow in a new way.

I’m so used to merrily going on my way, just doing whatever kindness pops into my head, living my life in the fortress of my family love, holding my struggles close, relying on my wide capacity, believing that my “place” is in this one mile radius but a vast land in my head. I’m discovering that…

maybe we were never meant to walk the road alone

living this life side by side, leaning in, exposes the places of need, even the kind you didn’t see

it’s as if something is filled that you didn’t even know was empty

that you must be willing to share all the parts of yourself, even the ones you wish weren’t there

kindness work is meant to be shared (duh,right?), when lots of broken people offer their one true thing, we are whole

you don’t have to keep score, always reciprocate or in the same way, that kind of kills it actually

vulnerability, an open heart, need, being willing to receive unlock the secret to gathering a tribe 

there is so much more power in togetherness

togetherness does not come easily to me

all that is required is a call from your soul, people around you and a desire to connect

I feel like I climbed into the tree this week, and are swinging from the branches, sitting in the shade, worshipping the glory of the giant kindness all around.

::I so loved reading all the things you want, I’m headed out on an adventure soon to release some of my deep important requests into our world. I’d love to have you join me…look for an invitation soon.

2 Responses to “the giant tree and community kindness…”

  1. Miriam Says:


    I’ve been so inspired by your kindness work–and your honesty and blog and love and realness, et al. I hope this will inspire you, too. Thank you!

  2. oooo I’m in love with this post!

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